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Welcome to the American Mineralogist preprint page. Recently all preprints have been made open to all readers. These preprints are unedited manuscritps accepted for publication that will undergo copyediting, layout, and review of the proof before being published. Always consult the final, published document as a good practice. Remember to have your institution subscribe to American Mineralogist! Note that individual online subscriptions are via membership in MSA (and members get free online color in their paper) -- check out all the info via the pull-down links above including how to be an author and submit your paper.

All legal disclaimers that apply to the journal apply to these preprints. Please note that in almost all cases the authors hold the copyright. To identify those Open Access papers with a CC-BY or CC-BY-ND-NC license check the code at the end of the DOI.

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Title Authors Future DOI Link
First measurements of OH-C exchange and temperature-dependent partitioning of OH and halogens in the system apatite – silicate meltJenny Riker, Madeleine C.S. Humphreys, Richard A. Brooker, Jan C.M. De Hoog, and EIMF10.2138/am-2018-6187CCBYpreprint
Tourmaline crystal chemistryFerdinando Bosi10.2138/am-2018-6289preprint
Laboratory and field characterization of visible to near infrared spectral reflectance of nitrate minerals from the Atacama Desert, Chile and implications for MarsFan Wang, Brenda B. Bowen, Ji-Hye Seo, and Greg Michalski10.2138/am-2018-6141preprint
The Third Isotope of the Third Element on the Third PlanetDouglas Rumble10.2138/am-2018-6137preprint
Chlorine incorporation into amphibole and biotite in high-grade iron-formations: interplay between crystallography and metamorphic fluidsDarrell J. Henry and Nicholas M. Daigle10.2138/am-2018-6143preprint
Depth of formation of super-deep diamonds: Raman barometry of CaSiO3-walstromite inclusionsChiara Anzolini, Mauro Prencipe, Matteo Alvaro, Claudia Romano, Alessandro Vona, Sofia Lorenzon, Evan M. Smith, Frank E. Brenker, and Fabrizio Nestola10.2138/am-2018-6184preprint
Slow weathering in a sandstone-derived Podzol (Falkland Islands) resulting in high content of a non-crystalline silicateJavier Cuadros, Mara Cesarano, William Dubbin, Stuart W. Smith, Alexandra Davey, Baruch Spiro, Rodney G.O. Burton, and Anne D. Jungblut10.2138/am-2018-6230preprint
Leesite, K(H2O)2[(UO2)4O2(OH)5]·3H2O, a new K-bearing schoepite-family mineral from the Jomac mine, San Juan County, Utah, USATravis A. Olds, Jakub Plášil, Anthony R. Kampf, Tyler Spano, Patrick Haynes, Shawn M. Carlson, Peter C. Burns, Antonio Simonetti, and Owen P. Mills10.2138/am-2018-6083preprint
Magnetite–apatite deposit from Sri Lanka: implications on Kiruna-type mineralization associated with ultramafic intrusion and mantle metasomatismXiao-Fang He, M. Santosh, T. Tsunogae, and Sanjeewa P.K. Malaviarachchi10.2138/am-2018-6254preprint
Mineralogy, paragenesis and mineral chemistry of REE minerals in the Olserum–Djupedal REE-phosphate mineralization, SE SwedenStefan S. Andersson, Thomas Wagner, Erik Jonsson, and Radoslaw M. Michallik10.2138/am-2018-6202preprint
Sound velocity measurements of hcp Fe-Si alloy at high pressure and high temperature by inelastic X-ray scatteringTakanori Sakairi, Tatsuya Sakamaki, Eiji Ohtani, Hiroshi Fukui, Seiji Kamada, Satoshi Tsutsui, Hiroshi Uchiyama, and Alfred Q.R. Baron10.2138/am-2018-6072preprint
The ore-forming magmatic-hydrothermal system of the Piaotang W-Sn deposit (Jiangxi, China) as seen from Li-mica geochemistryHélène Legros, Christian Marignac, Thomas Tabary, Julien Mercadier, Antonin Richard, Michel Cuney, Ru-Cheng Wang, Nicolas Charles, and Marc-Yves Lespinasse10.2138/am-2018-6196preprint
A Novel Carbon Bonding Environment in Deep Mantle High-Pressure DolomiteC. E. Vennari and Q. Williams10.2138/am-2018-6270preprint
A siltstone reaction front related to CO2 and sulfur bearing fluids: Integrating quantitative elemental mapping with reactive transport modelingAlexandra Maskell, Peter M. Scott, Iris Buisman, and Mike Bickle10.2138/am-2018-6138CCBYpreprint
Microtexture investigation of amblygonite–montebrasite series with lacroixite: Characteristics and formation process in pegmatitesYohei Shirose and Seiichiro Uehara10.2138/am-2018-6049preprint
Structuration under Pressure: Spatial Separation of Inserted Water during Pressure-Induced Hydration in MesoliteYonghwi Kim, Jinhyuk Choi, Thomas Vogt, and Yongjae Lee10.2138/am-2018-6252preprint
Chromium-bearing phases in the Earth's mantle: Evidence from experiments in the Mg2SiO4–MgCr2O4 system at 10–24 GPa and 1600 °CEkaterina A. Sirotkina, Andrey V. Bobrov, Luca Bindi, and Tetsuo Irifune10.2138/am-2018-6264preprint
New insights into the metallogeny of the Nayongzhi MVT Zn-Pb deposit in Guizhou Province (South China): Evidence from geology, bulk C-O-S and in situ S-Pb isotopesJia-Xi Zhou, Xuan-Ce Wang, Simon A. Wilde, Kai Luo, Zhi-Long Huang, Tao Wu, and Zhong-Guo Jin10.2138/am-2018-6238preprint
Visible, Near-Infrared and Mid-Infrared Spectral Characterization of Hawaiian Fumarolic Alteration near Kilauea’s December 1974 Flow: Implications for Spectral Discrimination of Alteration Environments on MarsMarcella Yant, Kelsey E. Young, A. Deanne Rogers, Amy C. McAdam, Jacob E. Bleacher, Janice L. Bishop, and Stanley A. Mertzman10.2138/am-2018-6116preprint
An experimental approach to quantify the effect of tetrahedral boron in tourmaline on the boron isotope fractionation between tourmaline and fluidMartin Kutzschbach, Bernd Wunder, Robert B. Trumbull, Alexander Rocholl, Anette Meixner, and Wilhelm Heinrich10.2138/am-2017-6127preprint
Stability field of the Cl-rich scapolite marialiteKaleo M. F. Almeida and David M. Jenkins10.2138/am-2017-6132preprint
The equation of state of wadsleyite solid solutions: Constraining the effects of anisotropy and crystal chemistryJohannes Buchen, Hauke Marquardt, Tiziana Boffa Ballaran, Takaaki Kawazoe, and Catherine McCammon10.2138/am-2017-6162preprint
Crystallization of groundmass nanolites in the 2011 Shinmoedake eruptionMayumi Mujin, Michihiko Nakamura, and Akira Miyake10.2138/am-2017-6052CCBYNCNDpreprint
Mineralogical, geochemical, and textural indicators of crystal accumulation in the Adamello Batholith (Northern Italy)Alina Maraike Fiedrich, Olivier Bachmann, Peter Ulmer, Chad D. Deering, Karsten Kunze, and Julien Leuthold10.2138/am-2017-6026preprint
Multiple-reaction geobarometry for olivine-bearing igneous rocksLuca Ziberna, Eleanor C.R. Green, and Jon D. Blundy10.2138/am-2017-6154preprint
Trace element zoning in hornblende: tracking and modeling the crystallization of a calc-alkaline arc plutonCalvin G. Barnes, Ryan Berry, Melanie A. Barnes, and W.G. Ernst10.2138/am-2017-6063preprint
Extraterrestrial formation of oldhamite and portlandite through thermal metamorphism of calcite in the Sutter’s Mill carbonaceous chondriteChristopher W. Haberle and Laurence A. J. Garvie10.2138/am-2017-6180preprint
Granites and rhyolites: Messages from Hong Kong, courtesy of zirconCalvin Miller10.2138/am-2017-6260preprint
Melting relations in the system CaCO3-MgCO3 at 6 GPaJan Müller, Monika Koch-Müller, Dieter Rhede, D.H. Wilke Franziska, and Richard Wirth10.2138/am-2017-5831preprint
Rutile: A novel recorder of high-fO2 fluids in subduction zonesAlicia M. Cruz-Uribe10.2138/am-2017-6261preprint
The solubility of CePO4 monazite and YPO4 xenotime in KCl-H2O fluids at 800°C and 1.0 GPa: Implications for REE transport in high-grade crustal fluidsPhilipp Mair, Peter Tropper, Daniel E. Harlov, and Craig E. Manning10.2138/am-2017-6172preprint
Age discordance and mineralogyIgor M. Villa and John M. Hanchar10.2138/am-2017-6084preprint
Towards the wider application of 29Si NMR spectroscopy to paramagnetic transition metal silicate minerals: copper(II) silicatesJonathan F. Stebbins10.2138/am-2017-6176preprint
Crystallization experiments in rhyolitic systems: the effect of temperature cycling and starting material on crystal size distributionMarize Muniz da Silva, Francois Holtz, and Olivier Namur10.2138/am-2017-5981preprint
Defect Contributions to the Heat Capacities and Stabilities of Some Chain, Ring and Sheet Silicates, with Implications for Mantle MineralsH. Wayne Nesbitt, A.N. Cormack, and Grant S. Henderson10.2138/am-2017-6103preprint
Dolomite dissociation indicates ultra-deep (>150 km) subduction of a garnet-bearing dunite block (the Sulu UHP terrane)Bin Su, Yi Chen, Shun Guo, and Jing-Bo Liu10.2138/am-2017-5982preprint
Non-destructive, multi-method, internal analysis of multiple inclusions in a single diamond: first occurrence of mackinawite (Fe,Ni)1+xSGiovanna Agrosì, Gioacchino Tempesta, Daniela Mele, Ignazio Allegretta, Roberto Terzano, Steven B. Shirey, Graham D. Pearson, and Fabrizio Nestola10.2138/am-2017-6178preprint
Raman Spectroscopy of 1 Water-rich Stishovite and Dense High-Pressure Silica up to 55 GPaCarole Nisr, Sang-Heon Shim, Kurt Leinenweber, and Andrew Chizmeshya10.2138/am-2017-5944preprint
Charleshatchettite, CaNb4O10(OH)2·8H2O, a new mineral from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Québec, Canada: Description, Crystal-Structure Determination and OriginMonika M.M. Haring and Andrew M. McDonald10.2138/am-2017-5926preprint
Do Fe-Ti-oxide magmas exist? Probably not!Donald H. Lindsley and Nathan Epler10.2138/am-2017-6091preprint
Ferruginous seawater facilitates the transformation of glauconite to chamosite: an example from the Mesoproterozoic Xiamaling Formation of North ChinaDongjie Tang, Xiaoying Shi, Ganqing Jiang, Xiqiang Zhou, and Qing Shi10.2138/am-2017-6136preprint
Parameterized lattice strain models for REE partitioning between amphibole and silicate meltKei Shimizu, Yan Liang, Chenguang Sun, Colin R. M. Jackson, and Alberto E. Saal10.2138/am-2017-6110preprint
The fate of ammonium in phengite during high temperature processesYan Yang, Vincent Busigny, Zhongping Wang, and Qunke Xia10.2138/am-2017-6094preprint
Unusual replacement of Fe-Ti oxides by rutile during retrogression in amphibolite-hosted veins (Dabie UHP terrane): A mineralogical record of fluid-induced oxidation processes in exhumed UHP slabsShun Guo, Pan Tang, Bin Su, Yi Chen, Kai Ye, Lingmin Zhang, Yijie Gao, Jingbo Liu, and Yueheng Yang10.2138/am-2017-6120preprint
Calcium (Ti, Zr) hexaorthophosphate bioceramics for electrically stimulated biomedical implant devices. A position paperRobert B. Heimann10.2138/am-2017-6165preprint
Protoenstatite: A new mineral in Oregon sunstones with “watermelon” colorsHuifang Xu, Tina R. Hill, Hiromi Konishi, and Gabriela Farfan10.2138/am-2017-6186preprint
Tracking the evolution of late Mesozoic arc-related magmatic systems in Hong Kong using in-situ U-Pb dating and trace element analyses in zirconsDenise L.K. Tang, Colin J.N. Wilson, Roderick J. Sewell, Diane Seward, Lung S. Chan, Trevor R. Ireland, and Joseph L. Wooden10.2138/am-2017-6071preprint
Continuous mush disaggregation during the long-lasting Laki fissure eruption, IcelandDavid A. Neave, Iris Buisman, and John Maclennan10.2138/am-2017-6015CCBYpreprint