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Wanted: A few good book reviewers!

Please contact the Book review editor or if you would like to review one of the books on this list, or another relevant title. Keep the book as a perk for your time and effort. Am Min book reviews tend to be 500 and 1500 words in length. Expected turnaround time is 3-6 months, ideally, from receipt of the book.

Books Available for Review

updated July-2022

RIMG Volume 88: Diamond: Genesis, Mineralogy and Geochemistry (2022, Karen Smit, Steve Shirey, Graham Pearson, Thomas Stachel, Fabrizo Nestola and Thomas Moses, editors, MSA)

RIMG Volume 87: Geological Melts (2022, Daniel R. Neuville, Grant S. Henderson and Donald B. Dingwell, editors, MSA)

From Crust to Core: A Chronicle of Deep Carbon Science (2021) Simon Mitton Cambridge

Handbook of Mineral Spectroscopy: X-ray Photoelectron Spectra, Volume One (2020) Authors: J. Theo Kloprogge and Barry J. Wood

Determination of Toxic Organic Chemicals in Natural Waters, Sediments and Soils: Determination and Analysis (2019) T.R. Crompton Academic Press

RIMG Volume 85: Reactive Transport in Natural and Engineered Systems (2019) Jennifer Druhan and Christophe Tournassat, editors MSA

Recently Published Reviews

This is a listing of recent book reviews published in American Mineralogist.

Ricardo I. Jeldres
Clays in the Minerals Processing Value Chain. (2017) Edited by Markus Gräfe, Craig Klauber, Angus J. McFarlane, and David J. Robinson. Cambridge University Press.
American Mineralogist 2021, Vol.106, 1871-1872.

Thomas Farrell
Geochronology and Thermochronology. (2018) By Peter W. Reiners, Richard W. Carlson, Paul R. Renne, Kari M. Cooper, Darryl E. Granger, Noah M. McLean, and Blair Schoene. Wiley/American Geophysical Union.
American Mineralogist (2021) 106 (9): 1544.

Florie Caporuscio
The Pinch Collection at the Canadian Museum of Nature. (2020) By Michael Bainbridge. Edited by Gloria A. Staebler with David W. Bunk, Paul W. Pohwat, and Tom Wilson. Lithographie
American Mineralogist (2021) 106 (8): 1366–1367.

Naotaka Tomioka
Natural Quasicrystals: The Solar System’s Hidden Secrets. (2020) By Luca Bindi. SpringerBriefs in Crystallography
American Mineralogist (2021) 106 (6): 1031–1032.

Eric J. Pyle
Earth Materials: Components of a Diverse Planet (2019) By Dexter Perkins, Kevin R. Henke, Adam C. Simon, Lance D. Yarbrough. CRC Press
American Mineralogist (2021) 106 (4): 667–668.

Caitlin Ahrens
Fundamental Planetary Science: Physics, Chemistry and Habitability (2019) By Jack J. Lissauer and Imke de Pater. Cambridge University Press
American Mineralogist (2020) 105 (10): 1606.

Keith Daniel Putirka
Geology of the Lassen Country: The Geologic Story of Lassen Volcanic National Park and Vicinity. (2019) By Forrest Hopson and Michael Clynne. Backcountry Press, Humboldt County, California.
American Mineralogist (2020) 105 (9): 1443–1444.

Natasha M. Johnson
High Temperature Gas–Solid Reactions in Earth and Planetary Processes. (2018) By Penelope L. King, Bruce Fegley, Jr. and Terry Seward, editors. Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry, Volume 84.
American Mineralogist (2020) 105 (6): 976.

Tony Barber
Geological Belts, Plate Boundaries, and Mineral Deposits in Myanmar. (2017) By Andrew Mitchell. Elsevier.
American Mineralogist (2020) 105 (2): 287–288.

Elizabeth Johnson
A Practical Guide to Rock Microstructure, 2nd edition. By Ron H. Vernon. (2019) Cambridge University Press
American Mineralogist 2019, Vol.104, 1531.

Yanying Chen
Understanding Minerals and Crystals (2015) By Terence McCarthy and Bruce Cairncross. Struik Nature (Penguin Random House South Africa)
American Mineralogist 2019, Vol.104, 1530.

Daniel Hummer
An Introduction to X-ray Physics, Optics, and Applications by Carolyn MacDonald
American Mineralogist (2019) 104 (6): 914.

Alexander Gysi
Thermodynamics of Natural Systems: Theory and Applications in Geochemistry and Environmental Science, 3rd edition. By Greg Anderson.
American Mineralogist (2019) 104 (4): 630.

Elizabeth Johnson
Mineralogy of Uranium and Thorium. By Robert J. Lauf. Schiffer Publishing.
American Mineralogist (2019) 104 (3): 463.

Elmi Chiara
Infrared and Raman Spectroscopies of Clay Minerals, Volume 8, Developments in Clay Science, 1st Edition. Edited by Will Gates, J. Theo Kloprogge, Jana Madejova, and Faïza Bergaya.
American Mineralogist (2019) 104 (1): 162-163.

For Publishers:

Am Min is published in print 6 times annually, and monthly online. If have a title you want to be reviewed, please send a review copy to:

C. Elrod, Assistant Editor (American Mineralogist), Mineralogical Society of America,
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