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Wanted: A few good book reviewers!

Please contact the Book review editor or if you would like to review one of the books on this list, or another relevant title. Keep the book as a perk for your time and effort. Am Min book reviews tend to be 500 and 1500 words in length. Expected turnaround time is 3-6 months, ideally, from receipt of the book.

Books Available for Review

updated May-2019

Monogenetic Volcanism (2017) SP446 GSL Special Publications, Edited by K. Németh, G. Carrasco-Núñez, J.J. Aranda-Gómez, and I.E.M. Smith. The Geological Society, London

Clays in the Minerals Processing Value Chain (2017) Edited by M. Grafe, C. Klauber, A.J. McFarlane, and D.J. Robinson (CSIRO). Cambridge University Press

Geochronology and Thermochronology (2017) By Peter W. Reiners, Richard W. Carlson, Paul R. Renne, Kari M. Cooper, Darryl E. Granger, Noah M. McLean, and Blair Schoene Wiley

Recently Published Reviews

This is a listing of recent book reviews published in American Mineralogist.

Elizabeth Johnson
Mineralogy of Uranium and Thorium. (2016) By Robert J. Lauf. Schiffer Publishing.
American Mineralogist (2019) 104 (3): 463.

Giuliani Gaston
Les Minéraux: Sciences et collections. (2016) By J.-Cl. Boulliard. CNRS Editions. ISBN: 978-2-271-09059-1
American Mineralogist (2018) 103 (9): 1520.

Jonathan D. Price
Minerals: Their Constitution and Origin, Second Edition. (2016) By Hans-Rudolf Wenk and Andrey Bulakh. Cambridge University Press.
American Mineralogist (2018) 103 (8): 1349-1350.

Michael W. Foerster
Thermodynamics of Geothermal Fluids, RIMG Volume 76. Edited by Andri Stefánsson, Thomas Driesner, and Pascale Bénézeth (2013) Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry
American Mineralogist (2018) 103 (6): 1006-1007.

Alexander M. Wilson
Glaciovolcanism on Earth and Mars: Products, Processes and Paleoenvironmental Significance. (2016) By Smellie John L. and Edwards Benjamin R. Cambridge University Press.
American Mineralogist (2018) 103 (5): 836.

Claire L. Cooper
Global Volcanic Hazards and Risk. (2015) Edited by Susan C. Loughlin, Steve Sparks, Sarah K. Brown, Susanna F. Jenkins, Charlotte Vye-Brown et al. Cambridge University Press.
American Mineralogist (2018) 103 (4): 664.

Kirsten Siebach
The International Atlas of Mars Exploration: From Spirit to Curiosity: Volume 2
American Mineralogist, v. 103 (1): 179.

Reto Gieré
Amazonite: Mineralogy, Crystal Chemistry, and Typomorphism by Mikhail Ostrooumov
American Mineralogist, v. 102, i. 8, p. 1767-1768

Chen Zhu
Geochemical Rate Models: An Introduction to Geochemical Kinetics by J. Donald Rimstidt
American Mineralogist, v. 102, i. 4, p. 921-922

Katherine Byerly
Oxygen: A Four Billion Year History by Donald E. Canfield
American Mineralogist, v. 102, i. 4, p. 923

Maureen Long
Geophysical Data Analysis: Discrete Inverse Theory (MATLAB Edition), Third edition.
American Mineralogist, v. 102, i. 1, p. 231

David Van Acken
Highly Siderophile and Strongly Chalcophile Elements in High-Temperature Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry, RIMG Volume 81, ed. by Jason Harvey and James M.D. Day
American Mineralogist, v. 101, i. 11, p. 2576

Catherine A. Peters
Pore-Scale Geochemical Processes, RIMG Volume 80, ed. by Carl I. Steefel, Simon Emmanuel, and Lawrence M. Anovitz
American Mineralogist, v. 101, i. 11, p. 2574-2575

James A. Saunders
Mineral Resources, Economics and the Environment, 2nd edition by Stephen E. Kesler and Adam C. Simon
American Mineralogist, v. 101, i. 10, p. 2363-2364

Michael W. Foerster
Layered Intrusions, ed. by Bernard Charlier, Olivier Namur, Rais Latypov, and Christian Tegner
American Mineralogist, v. 101, i. 10, p. 2361-2362


Am Min is published 8 times annually, both online and in print. If have a title you want to be reviewed, please send a review copy to:

Christine Elrod, Assistant Editor (American Mineralogist), Mineralogical Society of America,
3635 Concorde Parkway, Ste. 500, Chantilly, VA 20151-1110, U.S.A.

updated August-6-2015