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Summary Information of Author Charges

Note: American Mineralogist is published by Mineralogical Society of America.

American Mineralogist depends on the revenue from author charges to supplement subscription income to keep institutional subscription costs low. The cost of producing and delivering a single typeset page of content is over 60% higher than the page charge fee, and substantially higher than the cost of offprints. For this reason, MSA asks its authors to make every effort to purchase offprints or to obtain page charge support from their grants and institutions. However, publication is not contingent on payment of author charges.

Fees/Options for Articles

*Page charges: $100 per (typeset) page.

If you wish to estimate your page charge cost before receiving typeset proofs, we suggest a very rough guideline of 3 submitted pages (double-spaced text, 1 page per firgure/table) = 1 typeset page.

*Gold Open Access Article Processing Fee: $325 per (typeset) page.

Until the fee is paid in full, the article cannot finish production. Note that the fee includes color figures in print and online, and 100 reprints if desired. (If your funding agency requires it, CC-BY and CC-NC-ND are alternative licensure options. If your funding requirement is to be Open Access prior to 12 months post-publication, this is the option you use. However authors are responsible for understanding their funders’ requirements.) If you choose to revert to a regular article after the proof return deadline for your paper, because the APF cannot be paid, there will be a $325 administrative fee. Also converting to an Open Access paper past the proof return deadline for your paper, may also incur a $325 administrative fee.

*Green Open Access: Twelve (12) months post-publication authors may use the accepted version of their manuscript, not the final typeset (published) version. The corresponding author will automatically receive an e-mail to this effect at the one-year anniversary. If you cannot abide by the twelve (12) month embargo, for example, by posting the final version on Researchgate or similar site, then use the above Gold Open Access option above.

Fees/Options for Figures

*Color figures in print and online: $600 (per article, not per figure, up to 16 pages typeset); for articles over 16 pages, the fee is $900. Carefully consider the cost when drafting your paper, tables, and figures. Virtually any material may be uploaded as an online deposit for no charge, and is available as a link on the Am Min table of contents, at no cost to readers.

*Online-only color figures: $100 (per article, not per figure)

*There is no charge to publish figures in grayscale/black and white.

Miscellaneous Options

*Various quantities of offprints are available for purchase. Further information is available once you receive proofs.

*E-link (electronic offprint): $60

The link can be used in email or on a website(s), should never expire, and takes the reader to the GSW version of the article with access at no cost, even for non-subscribers. MSA members may request an e-link for free; anyone paying page charges may also request one at no additional charge.

*Official MSA presentations, such as a memorial, award papers, or book reviews may receive free offprints and/or e-link.

MSA Member Options (Join here):

*Free e-link if you cannot pay any options.

*Free online-only color.

Payment Options

*The options above can mix and match via the online Author Charges form; for example, an author who is paying page charges clicks Option 2, and there will be a question there about adding color costs, additional reprints, and so on.

*The Author Charges form link and information is sent with page proofs since the number of pages is needed.

*Payment can be made online via a credit card or an invoice can be printed out and turned in for payment immediately. Bank transfer and other information is also part of the system and explained online and/or on your e-mail receipt.

*Your e-mail confirmation is your invoice and should be treated as such.

*Changing from a regular paper to an Open Access paper five days after receiving the proof will require additional payment of a $325 administrative fee. Save time and money by making your decision as early as possible in the process. See above for Gold Open Access information.

Contact Info:

MSA Business Office Info: (reference manuscript no. in the subject line); 703-652-9950.

Questions on a specific paper contact: