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We're glad you came to the Am Min Audio Files page! While you are on the website, perhaps you will also order a book, update your membership info, read the information to authors, look up meeting information or explore the many other options available here. At some point in the future, if enough people want it, we'll provide an RSS feed for these mp3 files...but we really want you to enjoy coming here to get them! Once you download the mp3 file, it should work just like any mp3 file works for you. If you have problems, contact Rachel Russell (see below).

I also want to invite scientists interested in conducting one of these interviews of another scientist to contact me. If you can come to my office in Chantilly, Virginia, I can set up the technical part and do the editing afterward.

About 8-minutes "podcast" about GeoScienceWorld (.mov; It is about 30 mgs) (advice: turn your sound up high):


Audio file 4 (7 MB .mp3 File) 2007

In this American Mineralogist audio file, Rachel Russell interviews Ian Coulson, one of the organizers of the Microbeam Cathoduluminescence special section in the Feb/March issue. The link will work as soon as possible. here. These papers came from a symposium on recent developments in microbeam cathodoluminescence with applications to mineralogy at the 15th Annual Goldschmidt Conference, held in Moscow, Idaho in May 2005. Ian Coulson, until recently of the University of Regina, in Canada, is now at the University of Tuebingen in Germany for a 1 year sabbatical. The other special section organizers were Paul Edwards and Martin Lee. This file is about 7 minutes long.

Audio file 3 (8 MB .mp3 File) 2006

In this American Mineralogist audio file, Rachel Russell interviews Robert Hazen, author of the Presidential Address in the Nov/Dec issue entitled "Mineral surfaces and the prebiotic selection and organization of biomolecules" which can be found here. In the interview, Dr. Hazen discusses his paper and the geological origins of life, and the exciting developments of exploring the "hows" of the begining. This file is about 8 minutes long.

Audio file 2 (15.0 MB .mp3 File) 2006

In this American Mineralogist Audio file, Rachel Russell interviews Jim Papike, to whom the papers in the October 2006 issue of the journal are dedicated in a special section entitled "Planetary Materials: From the Earth to the Moon and Beyond. This special section was organized by Charles Shearer, Ted Labotka, and Dave Vaniman. Their introduction can be found here. Full Text In the interview, Dr. Papike discusses his career, his favorite moment, and his recommendations for exploring the terrestrial planets. This file is about 16 minutes long.

Audio file (4.0 MB .mp3 File) 2006

Thank you for listening to the first American Mineralogist audio file, a discussion between Letters Editor Bryan Chakoumakos and Managing Editor Rachel Russell about Matthew S. Sanchez and Micky E. Gunter's paper, "Quantification of amphibole content in expanded vermiculite products from Libby, Montana U.S.A. using powder X-ray diffraction" (vol. 91, issue 8-9, p. 1448-1451). Full Text This is less than 5 minutes long.

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