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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 107, no. 3   March 2022

Structure of basaltic glass at pressures up to 18 GPa
Tomonori Ohashi, Tatsuya Sakamaki, Kenichi Funakoshi, Takanori Hattori, Naoki Hisano, Jun Abe, Akio Suzuki
Item #AM-22-37742
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Synthesis of calcium orthocarbonate, Ca2CO4-Pnma at P-T conditions of Earth’s transition zone and lower mantle
Jannes Binck, Dominique Laniel, Lkhamsuren Bayarjargal, Saiana Khandarkhaeva, Timofey Fedotenko, Andrey Aslandukov, Konstantin Glazyrin, Victor Milman, Stella Chariton, Vitali B Prakapenka, Natalia Dubrovinskaia, Leonid S Dubrovinsky, Bjoern Winkler
Item #AM-22-37872
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Melting phase relation of Fe-bearing Phase D up to the uppermost lower mantle
Chaowen Xu, Toru Inoue, Jing Gao, Masamichi Noda, Sho Kakizawa
Item #AM-22-37907
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Gold speciation in hydrothermal fluids revealed by in situ high energy resolution X-ray absorption spectroscopy
Gleb S Pokrovski, Elsa Desmaele, Laskar Clément, Elena F Bazarkina, Denis Testemale, Jean-Louis Hazemann, Rodolphe Vuilleumier, Ari Paavo Seitsonen, Guillaume Ferlat, Antonio Marco Saitta
Item #AM-22-38008
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Pressure-induced structural phase transitions in natural kaolinite investigated by Raman spectroscopy and electrical conductivity
Meiling Hong, Lidong Dai, Haiying Hu, Xinyu Zhang
Item #AM-22-37863
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Magnetite-rutile symplectite in ilmenite records magma hydration in layered intrusions
Hongping He, Wei Tan, Christina Y Wang, Steven M Reddy, Haiyang Xian, Chang-Ming Xing
Item #AM-22-37777
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Ferromagnesian jeffbenite synthesized at 15 GPa and 1200 °C
Joseph R Smyth, Steven D Jacobsen, E. E Alp, Fei Wang, Aaron S Bell, Esther S Posner
Item #AM-22-37852
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Electrical conductivity of metasomatized lithology in subcontinental lithosphere
Ye Peng, Geeth Manthilake, Mainak Mookherjee
Item #AM-22-37942
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Measurements of the Lamb-Mössbauer factor at simultaneous high-pressure-temperature conditions and estimates of the equilibrium isotopic fractionation of iron
Dongzhou Zhang, Jennifer M Jackson, Wolfgang Sturhahn, Jiyong Zhao, Ercan Alp, Michael Y Hu
Item #AM-22-37884
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Element mobility and oxygen isotope systematics during submarine alteration of basaltic glass
Miaohong He, Shudi Zhang, Le Zhang, Fan Yang, Yanqiang Zhang, Xiao-Long Huang, Gangjian Wei
Item #AM-22-37831
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Dissolved silica-catalyzed disordered dolomite precipitation
Yihang Fang, Huifang Xu
Item #AM-22-37474
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Elasticity and high-pressure behavior of Mg2Cr2O5 and CaTi2O4-type phases of magnesiochromite and chromite
Sean R Shieh, Tauhid Belal Khan, Zhongying Mi, Mauritz v Zyl, Ricardo D Rodriguez, Clemens Prescher, Vitali B Prakapenka
Item #AM-22-37853
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Significance of tridymite distribution during cooling and vapor-phase alteration of ignimbrites
Yuli Heled, Michael C Rowe, Isabelle Chambefort, Colin J Wilson
Item #AM-22-37814
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Micropores and mass transfer in the formation of myrmekites
Takashi Yuguchi, Haruka Yuasa, Yuya Izumino, Kazuo Nakashima, Eiji Sasao, Tadao Nishiyama
Item #AM-22-37956
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Mn3+ and the pink color of gem-quality euclase from northeast Brazil
Lætitia Gilles-Guéry, Laurence Galoisy, Jurgen Schnellrath, Benoit Baptiste, Georges Calas
Item #AM-22-37838
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Geochemistry and boron isotope compositions of tourmalines from the granite-greisen-quartz vein system in Dayishan pluton, Southern China: Implications for potential mineralization
Zhuang Zhao, Xiaoyong Yang, You-Yue Lu, Zun-Zun Zhang, Shanshan Chen, Chao Sun, Qi Hou, Yu Wang, Shuang Li
Item #AM-22-37591
Online Material zipped

Lazaraskeite, Cu(C2H3O3)2, the first organic mineral containing glycolate, from the Santa Catalina Mountains, Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A.
Hexiong Yang, Xiangping Gu, Ron Gibbs, Stan Evans, Robert T Downs, Zak Jibrin
Item #AM-22-37895
CIF and Online Material zipped

Textural, fluid inclusion, and in-situ oxygen isotope studies of quartz: Constraints on vein formation, disequilibrium fractionation, and gold precipitation at the Bilihe gold deposit, Inner Mongolia, China
Xueyuan Qiao, Wenbo Li, Lejun Zhang, Fanghua Zhang, Xuefeng Zhu, Xiao-Ping Xia
Item #AM-22-37823
Online Material zipped

Immiscible metallic melts in the upper mantle beneath Mount Carmel, Israel: Silicides, phosphides, and carbides
William L Griffin, Sarah E Gain, Martin Saunders, Jinxiang Huang, Olivier Alard, Vered Toledo, Suzanne O'Reilly
Item #AM-22-37934
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