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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 107, no. 9   September 2022

Apollo 15 regolith breccia provides first natural evidence for olivine incongruent melting
Niccolò Satta, Masaaki Miyahara, Shin Ozawa, Hauke Marquardt, Masahiko Nishijima, Tomoko Arai, and Eiji Ohtani
Item #AM-22-98121
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Enhanced weathering in the seabed: Rapid olivine dissolution and iron sulfide formation in submarine volcanic ash
Wolf-Achim Kahl, Andreas Klügel, Wolfgang Bach, and M. Mangir Murshed
Item #AM-22-98057
Online Material zipped

The efficiency of copper extraction from magma bodies: Implications for mineralization potential and fluid-silicate melt partitioning of copper
Jin-Sheng Zhou, Qiang Wang, Derek A. Wyman, Zhen-Hua Zhao, Le Zhang, and Peng-Li He
Item #AM-22-97951
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Validation of clinopyroxene-garnet magnesium isotope geothermometer to constrain the peak metamorphic temperature in ultrahigh-temperature ultramafic-mafic granulites
Long-Long Gou, Ming-Guo Zhai, Cheng-Li Zhang, P.M. George, Kang-Jun Huang, Xiao-Fei Xu, Jun-Sheng Lu, Yan Zhao, Wen-Hao Ao, Yu-Hua Hu, and Feng Zhou
Item #AM-22-98058
Online Material zipped

Uranotungstite, the only natural uranyl tungstate: Crystal structure revealed from 3D electron diffraction
Gwladys Steciuk, Uwe Kolitsch, Viktor Goliáš, Radek Škoda, Jakub Plášil, and Franz Xaver Schmidt
Item #AM-22-98112
CIF and Online Material zipped

Carbon flux and alkaline volcanism: Evidence from carbonatite-like carbonate minerals in trachytes, Ulleung Island, South Korea
ShuangShuang Chen, Minghua Ren, Hyejeong Lee, Eugene Smith, Shichun Huang, Seung Gu Lee, TaeJong Lee, and Rui Gao
Item #AM-22-98007
Online Material zipped

Controls on the formation of porphyry Mo deposits: Insights from porphyry (-skarn) Mo deposits in northeastern China
Hegen Ouyang, John Caulfield, Jingwen Mao, and Ruizhong Hu
Item #AM-22-97665
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High-pressure single-crystal synchrotron X-ray diffraction study of lillianite
Azzurra Zucchini, Tonci Balić-Žunić, Ines E. Collings, Michael Hanfland, and Paola Comodi
Item #AM-22-97765
CIF and Online Material zipped

Thermoelastic parameters of Mg-sursassite and its relevance as a water carrier in subducting slabs
Sula Milani, Patrizia Fumagalli, Luca Ziberna, Juliette Maurice, Paolo Lotti, Davide Comboni, Francesco Pagliaro, Michael Hanfland, Giorgio Bais, Boby Joseph, and Marco Merlini
Item #AM-22-98034
CIF and Online Material zipped

3D crystal size distributions of pyroxene nanolites from nano X-ray computed tomography: Improved correction of crystal size distributions from CSDCorrections for magma ascent dynamics in conduits
Shota H. Okumura, Mayumi Mujin, Akira Tsuchiyama, and Akira Miyake
Item #AM-22-98039
Online Material zipped

Amphibole fractionation and its potential redox effect on arc crust: Evidence from the Kohistan arc cumulates
Jingbo Zhang, Rui Wang, and Jun Hong
Item #AM-22-98141
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A comparative study of two-phase equilibria modeling tools: MORB equilibrium states at variable pressure and H2O concentrations
David Hernández-Uribe, Frank J. Spera, Wendy A. Bohrson, and Jussi S. Heinonen
Item #AM-22-98211
Online Material zipped

On the occurrence of jahnsite/whiteite phases on Mars: A thermodynamic study
Christophe Drouet, Matteo Loche, Sébastien Fabre, and Pierre-Yves Meslin
Item #AM-22-98174
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Hydroxymcglassonite-(K), KSr4Si8O20(OH)·8H2O, the first Sr-bearing member of the apophyllite group, from the Wessels mine, Kalahari Manganese Field, South Africa
Hexiong Yang, Xiangping Gu, and Michael M. Scott
Item #AM-22-98210
CIF and Online Material zipped