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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 107, no. 6   June 2022

The effect of halogens (F, Cl) on the near-liquidus crystallinity of a hydrous trachyte melt
Yves Feisel, Jonathan M. Castro, Christoph Helo, and Donald B. Dingwell
Item #AM-22-68120
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Zolenskyite, FeCr2S4, a new sulfide mineral from the Indarch meteorite
Chi Ma and Alan E. Rubin
Item #AM-22-68094
Online Material zipped

Refined estimation of Li in mica by a machine learning method
Lu Wang, Cheng Su, Luo-Qi Wang, J ZhangZhou, Qun-Ke Xia, and Qin-Yan Wang
Item #AM-22-68029
Online Material zipped

Olivine in picrites from continental flood basalt provinces classified using machine learning
Lilu Cheng, Yu Wang, and Zongfeng Yang
Item #AM-22-68083
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The glass transition and the non-Arrhenian viscosity of carbonate melts
Donald B. Dingwell, Kai-Uwe Hess, Martin C. Wilding, Richard A. Brooker, Danilo Di Genova, James W.E. Drewitt, Mark Wilson, and Daniel Weidendorfer
Item #AM-22-67752
Online Material zipped

The low-temperature shift of antigorite dehydration in the presence of sodium chloride: In situ diffraction study up to 3 GPa and 700 °C
Anna Yu Likhacheva, Sergey V. Rashchenko, Anna I. Semerikova, Alexandr V. Romanenko, Konstantin Glazyrin, and Oleg G. Safonov
Item #AM-22-67962
Online Material zipped

Experimental determination of solubility constants of saponite at elevated temperatures in high ionic strength solutions
Yongliang Xiong
Item #AM-22-67827
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Hydrothermal troctolite alteration at 300 and 400 °C: Insights from flexible Au-reaction cell batch experimental investigations
Christian T. Hansen, C. Johan Lissenberg, Wolf-Achim Kahl, and Wolfgang Bach
Item #AM-22-67832
Online Material zipped

Timescales and rates of intrusive and metamorphic processes determined from zircon and garnet in migmatitic granulite, Fiordland, New Zealand
Harold Stowell, Joshua Schwartz, Elizabeth Bollen, Andy Tulloch, Jahandar Ramezani, and Keith Klepeis
Item #AM-22-67967
Online Material zipped

In situ chemical and isotopic analyses and element mapping of multiple-generation pyrite: Evidence of episodic gold mobilization and deposition for the Qiucun epithermal gold deposit in Southeast China
Ying Ma, Shao-Yong Jiang, Hartwig E. Frimmel, and Lü-Yun Zhu
Item #AM-22-68030
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Hydrothermal mineralization of celadonite: Hybridized fluid–basalt interaction in Janggi, Korea
Jongkyu Park, Hoseong Lim, Bora Myeong, and Yun-Deuk Jang
Item #AM-22-68045
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Gungerite, TlAs5Sb4S13, a new thallium sulfosalt with a complex structure containing covalent As-As bonds
Anatoly V. Kasatkin, Jakub Plášil, Emil Makovicky, Nikita V. Chukanov, Radek Škoda, Atali A. Agakhanov, and Mikhail V. Tsyganko
Item #AM-22-68003
CIF and Online Material zipped

Nitscheite, (NH4)2[(UO2)2(SO4)3(H2O)2]·3H2O, a new mineral with an unusual uranyl-sulfate sheet
Anthony R. Kampf, Travis A. Olds, Jakub Plášil, Barbara P. Nash, and Joe Marty
Item #AM-22-67994
CIF and Online Material zipped

Protocaseyite, a new decavanadate mineral containing a [Al4(OH)6(H2O)12]6+ linear tetramer, a novel isopolycation
Anthony R. Kampf, Mark A. Cooper, John M. Hughes, Chi Ma, William H. Casey, Frank C. Hawthorne, and Joe Marty
Item #AM-22-68059
CIF and Online Material zipped

Hydrothermal monazite trumps rutile: Applying U-Pb geochronology to evaluate complex mineralization ages of the Katbasu Au-Cu deposit, Western Tianshan, Northwest China
Jiahao Zheng, Ping Shen, and Wanyi Feng
Item #AM-22-68080
Online Material zipped