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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 108, no.12   December 2023

Gas-mediated trace element incorporation into rhyolitehosted topaz: A synchrotron microbeam XAS study
D.R. Schaub, Paul Northrup, Hanna Nekvasil, Tristan Catalano, and Ryan Tappero
Item #AM-23-128417
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Evidence for abundant organic matter in a Neoarchean banded iron formation
Zidong Peng, Jingbo Nan, Lianchang Zhang, Simon W. Poulton, Junlie Zhou, Yuan Yuan, Kaiwen Ta, Changle Wang, and Mingguo Zhai
Item #AM-23-128927
Online Material zipped

A dunite fragment in meteorite Northwest Africa (NWA) 11421: A piece of the Moon’s mantle
Allan H. Treiman and Julia Semprich
Item #AM-23-128911
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Electrical properties of iron sulfide-bearing dunite under pressure: Effect of temperature, composition, and annealing time
Michael J. Tauber, Suryansh Saxena, Emma S. Bullock, Hélène Ginestet, and Anne Pommier
Item #AM-23-129054
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CURIES: Compendium of uranium Raman and infrared experimental spectra
Tyler L. Spano, Travis A. Olds, Marshall McDonnell, Robert Smith, Jennifer L. Niedziela, Andrew Miskowiec, Roger Kapsimalis, and Ashley E. Shields
Item #AM-23-128738
Online Material zipped

S2 and S3 radicals and the S42– polysulfide ion in lazurite, haüyne, and synthetic ultramarine blue revealed by resonance Raman spectroscopy
Stefan Farsang, Razvan Caracas, Takuji B.M. Adachi, Cédric Schnyder, and Zoltán Zajacz
Item #AM-23-128655
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Effect of faceting on olivine wetting properties
Yongsheng Huang, Takayuki Nakatani, Sando Sawa, Guoji Wu, Michihiko Nakamura, and Catherine McCammon
Item #AM-23-128808
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The obscuring effect of magma recharge on the connection of volcanic-plutonic rocks
Kai Zhao, Xisheng Xu, Zhenyu He, and Yan Xia
Item #AM-23-128642
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Origin of clinopyroxene-ilmenite symplectites in mafic granulites from eastern parts of the Chotanagpur granite gneissic complex, East Indian shield
Somdipta Chatterjee, Shreya Karmakar, Subham Mukherjee, Sanjoy Sanyal, and Pulak Sengupta
Item #AM-23-128715
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Single-crystal analysis of La-doped pyromorphite [Pb5(PO4)3Cl]
Julia Sordyl, John Rakovan, Peter C. Burns, Justyna Topolska, Adam Włodek, Jennifer E.S. Szymanowski, Ginger E. Sigmon, Jarosław Majka, and Maciej Manecki
Item #AM-23-128664
CIF and Online Material zipped

Crystal structure of calcium-ferrite type NaAlSiO4 up to 45 GPa
Fei Qin, Ye Wu, Shengchao Xue, Dongzhou Zhang, Xiang Wu, and Steven D. Jacobsen
Item #AM-23-128432
CIF and Online Material zipped