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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 106, no. 10   Oct 2021

Fingerprinting REE mineralization and hydrothermal remobilization history of the carbonatite-alkaline complexes, Central China: Constraints from in situ elemental and isotopic analyses of phosphate minerals
Jian-Hui Su, Xin-Fu Zhao, Xiao-Chun Li, Zhi-Kun Su, Rui Liu, Zhi-Jun Qin, and Mi Chen
Item #AM-21-107746
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Formation of miarolitic-class, segregation-type pegmatites in the Taishanmiao batholith, China: The role of pressure fluctuations and volatile exsolution during pegmatite formation in a closed, isochoric system
Yabin Yuan, Lowell R. Moore, Ryan J. McAleer, Shunda Yuan, Hegen Ouyang, Harvey E. Belkin, Jingwen Mao, D. Matthew Sublett Jr., and Robert J. Bodnar
Item #AM-21-107637
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The suppression of lone-pair stereoactivity in [Cu+(As3+O3)4] clusters in dixenite: A tribute to Paul B. Moore
Frank C. Hawthorne and John M. Hughes
Item #AM-21-107719
CIF zipped

A Gr√ľneisen tensor for rutile and its application to host-inclusion systems
Kira A. Musiyachenko, Mara Murri, Mauro Prencipe, Ross J. Angel, and Matteo Alvaro
Item #AM-21-107618
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Various antiphase domains in garnet-hosted omphacite in low-temperature eclogite: A FIB-TEM study on heterogeneous ordering processes
Ryo Fukushima, Tatsuki Tsujimori, and Nobuyoshi Miyajima
Item #AM-21-107784
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Characterization and assessment of the potential toxicity/ pathogenicity of Russian commercial chrysotile
Dario Di Giuseppe, Alessandro Zoboli, Luca Nodari, Luca Pasquali, Orietta Sala, Paolo Ballirano, Daniele Malferrari, Simona Raneri, Miriam Hanuskova,and Alessandro F. Gualtieri
Item #AM-21-107710
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Establishing the P-T path of UHT granulites by geochemically distinguishing peritectic from retrograde garnet
Shujuan Jiao, Noreen J. Evans, Jinghui Guo, Ian C.W. Fitzsimons, Jian-Wei Zi, and Bradley J. McDonald
Item #AM-21-107681
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Dissolution-reprecipitation vs. solid-state diffusion in electrum: Examples from metamorphosed Au-bearing, volcanogenic massive sulfide (VMS) deposits
Haiming Liu and Georges Beaudoin
Item #AM-21-107674
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High-temperature and high-pressure Raman spectra of Fo89Fa11 and Fo58Fa42 olivines: Iron effect on thermodynamic properties
Dan Liu, Xinzhuan Guo, Joseph R. Smyth, Xiang Wang, Xi Zhu, Yunfan Miao, Jiayuan Bai, and Yu Ye
Item #AM-21-107686
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Mixing of cogenetic magmas in the Cretaceous Zhangzhou calc-alkaline granite from southeast China recorded by in-situ apatite geochemistry
Xiaobing Zhang, Feng Guo, Bo Zhang, Liang Zhao, and Guoqing Wang
Item #AM-21-107786
Online Material zipped

Hydrothermal upgrading as an important tool for the REE mineralization in the Miaoya carbonatite-syenite complex, Central China
Rong-Lin Ma, Wei Terry Chen, Wei Zhang, and You-Wei Chen
Item #AM-21-107779
Online Material zipped