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American Mineralogist: An International Journal of Earth and Planetary Materials

Vol. 99, no.11-12        November-December 2014 Table of Contents

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2433Steinhardtite, a new body-centered-cubic allotropic form of aluminum from the Khatyrka CV3 carbonaceous chondrite
Luca Bindi, Nan Yao, Chaney Lin, Lincoln S. Hollister, Glenn J. MacPherson, Gerald R. Poirier, Christopher L. Andronicos, Vadim V. Distler, Michael P. Eddy, Alexander Kostin, Valery Kryachko, William M. Steinhardt and Marina Yudovskaya
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2161Merrillite and apatite as recorders of planetary magmatic processes
Brad Jolliff
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2163Comparing clays from Mars and Earth: Implications for martian habitability
John Bridges
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2165Data-driven abductive discovery in mineralogy
Robert M. Hazen
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2171Thermal expansion of fluorapatite-hydroxylapatite crystalline solutions
Guy L. Hovis, Brian T. Scott, Caitlin M. Altomare, Amanda R. Leaman, Matthew D. Morris, Gary P. Tomaino and Francis M. McCubbin
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2176Synthesis and structure of carbonated barium and lead fluorapatites: Effect of cation size on A-type carbonate substitution
Zachary Wilt, Caitlyn Fuller, Taia Bachman, Victoria Weidner, Jill D. Pasteris and Claude H. Yoder
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2187Optical absorption spectroscopy study of the causes for color variations in natural Fe-bearing gahnite: Insights from iron valency and site distribution data
Rosa Anna Fregola, Henrik Skogby, Ferdinando Bosi, Veronica D’Ippolito, Giovanni B. Andreozzi and Ulf Hålenius
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2196Si-magnetite nano-precipitates in silician magnetite from banded iron formation: Z-contrast imaging and ab initio study
Huifang Xu, Zhizhang Shen and Hiromi Konishi
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2203Ordering kinetics in synthetic Mg(Al,Fe3+)2O4 spinels: Quantitative elucidation of the whole Al-Mg-Fe partitioning, rate constants, activation energies
Filippo Parisi, Davide Lenaz, Francesco Princivalle and Luciana Sciascia
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2211Experimental study of phlogopite reaction rim formation on olivine in phonolite melts: Kinetics, reaction rates, and residence times
Thomas Bartholomew Grant, Ralf Milke, Bernd Wunder, Richard Wirth and Dieter Rhede
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2227Etch-pit size, dissolution rate, and time in the experimental dissolution of olivine: Implications for estimating olivine lifetime at the surface of Mars
Michael A. Velbel
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2234Ferrian saponite from the Santa Monica Mountains (California, U.S.A., Earth): Characterization as an analog for clay minerals on Mars with application to Yellowknife Bay in Gale Crater
Allan H. Treiman, Richard V. Morris, David G. Agresti, Trevor G. Graff, Cherie N. Achilles, Elizabeth B. Rampe, Thomas F. Bristow, Douglas W. Ming, David F. Blake, David T. Vaniman, David L. Bish, Steve J. Chipera, Shaunna M. Morrison and Robert T. Downs
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2251A large spectral survey of small lunar craters: Implications for the composition of the lunar mantle
Paul G. Lucey, Jessica A. Norman, Sarah T. Crites, G. Jeffrey Taylor, B. Ray Hawke, Myriam Lemelin and H. Jay Melosh
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2258In-situ characterization of oxalic acid breakdown at elevated P and T: Implications for organic C-O-H fluid sources in petrologic experiments
Francis M. McCubbin, Dimitri A. Sverjensky, Andrew Steele and Bjorn O. Mysen
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2272Slawsonite-celsian-hyalophane assemblage from a picrite sill (Prague Basin, Czech Republic)
Zuzana Tasáryová, Jiří Fr.da, Vojtĕch Janoušek and Martin Racek
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2280Determining hematite content from NUV/Vis/NIR spectra: Limits of detection
William Balsam, Junfeng Ji, Devon Renock, Bobby C. Deaton and Earle Williams
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2292The role of water in generation of group II kimberlite magmas: Constraints from multiple saturation experiments
Alexander G. Sokol, Alexey N. Kruk and Yury N. Palyanov
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2303Quantum mechanical modeling of hydrolysis and H2O-exchange in Mg-, Ca-, and Ni-silicate clusters: Implications for dissolution mechanisms of olivine minerals
Christin P. Morrow, Amanda A. Olsen and James D. Kubicki
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2313Redox-driven exsolution of iron-titanium oxides in magnetite in Miller Range (MIL) 03346 nakhlite: Evidence for post crystallization oxidation in the nakhlite cumulate pile?
Kevin Righter, Lindsay P. Keller, Zia Rahman and Roy Christoffersen
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2320Energetics of lanthanide-doped calcium phosphate apatite
S. Mahboobeh Hosseini, Christophe Drouet, Ahmed Al-Kattan and Alexandra Navrotsky
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2328Thermal conductivity of molten and glassy NaAlSi3O8, CaMgSi2O6, and Mg2SiO4 by non-equilibrium molecular dynamics at elevated temperature and pressure
Dane Tikunoff and Frank J. Spera
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2337Energetics of heterometal substitution in ε-Keggin [MO4Al12(OH)24(OH2)12]6/7/8+ ions
Dana Reusser, William H. Casey and Alexandra Navrotsky
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2344Ab initio calculations of elastic constants of plagioclase feldspars
Pamela Kaercher, Burkhard Militzer and Hans-Rudolf Wenk
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2353Diagenetic formation of interlayer-deficient fluorophlogopite as a clay mineral in Early Cambrian phosphorite (Lesser Himalaya, India): The trioctahedral analog of illite
Gerhard Franz, Dorothee Hippler, Dieter Rhede, Richard Wirth, Dhiraj Mohan Banerjee and Nicolaj Mahlstedt
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2369Natural sepiolite: Enthalpies of dehydration, dehydroxylation, and formation derived from thermochemical studies
Lyubov P. Ogorodova, Irina A. Kiseleva, Marina F. Vigasina, Yurii K. Kabalov, Roman O. Grishchenko and Lyubov V. Mel’chakova
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2374A new interpretation of decomposition products of serpentine under shock compression
Youjun Zhang, Toshimori Sekine and Hongliang He
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2378A model for calculating the viscosity of natural iron-bearing silicate melts over a wide range of temperatures, pressures, oxygen fugacites, and compositions
Xianzhe Duan
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2389The replacement of chalcopyrite by bornite under hydrothermal conditions
Jing Zhao, Joël Brugger, Yung Ngothai and Allan Pring
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2398Characterization of porosity in sulfide ore minerals: A USANS/SANS study
Fang Xia, Jing Zhao, Barbara E. Etschmann, Joël Brugger, Christopher J. Garvey, Christine Rehm, Hartmut Lemmel, Jan Ilavsky, Young-Soo Han and Allan Pring
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2405Synthesis of a quenchable high-pressure form of magnetite (h-Fe3O4) with composition Fe1(Fe2+0.75Mg0.26)Fe2(Fe3+0.70Cr0.15Al0.11Si0.04)2O4
Monika Koch-Müller, Enrico Mugnaioli, Dieter Rhede, Sergio Speziale, Ute Kolb and Richard Wirth
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2416High-pressure elasticity of sodium majorite garnet, Na2MgSi5O12
Mainak Mookherjee
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2424Armstrongite from Khan Bogdo (Mongolia): Crystal structure determination and implications for zeolite-like cation exchange properties
Ernesto Mesto, Ekaterina Kaneva, Emanuela Schingaro, Nikolay Vladykin, Maria Lacalamita and Fernando Scordari
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