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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 104, no. 12   December 2019

Investigation of the kieserite–szomolnokite solid-solution series, (Mg,Fe)SO4·H2O, with relevance to Mars: Crystal chemistry, FTIR, and Raman spectroscopy under ambient and martian temperature conditions
Dominik Talla and Manfred Wildner
Item #AM-19-126983
Supplemental tables and CIF zipped

Intra-eruptive trachyte-phonolite transition: Natural evidence and experimental constraints on the role of crystal mushes
Marco Brenna, Alessio Pontesilli, Silvio Mollo, Matteo Masotta, Shane J. Cronin, Ian E.M. Smith, Mohammed Rashad Hassan Moufti, and Piergiorgio Scarlato
Item #AM-19-126963
Supplemental Material and CIF zipped

A comparison between the stability fields of a Cl-rich scapolite and the end-member marialite
Kaléo M.F. Almeida and David M. Jenkins
Item #AM-19-126907
Supplemental Material and CIF zipped

Electrical conductivity studies on silica phases and the effects of phase transformation
George M. Amulele, Anthony W. Lanati, and Simon M. Clark
Item #AM-19-127120
Supplemental figures zipped

REE-, Sr-, Ca-aluminum-phosphate-sulfate minerals of the alunite supergroup and their role as hosts for radionuclides
Nicholas D. Owen, Nigel J. Cook, Mark Rollog, Kathy J. Ehrig, Danielle S. Schmandt, Rahul Ram, Joël Brugger, Cristiana L. Ciobanu, Benjamin Wade, and Paul Guagliardo
Item #AM-19-127116
Supplemental Material and CIF zipped

Experimental quantification of the Fe-valence state at amosite-asbestos boundaries using acSTEM dual-electron energy-loss spectroscopy
Ruggero Vigliaturo, Simone Pollastri, Reto Gieré, Alessandro F. Gualtieri, and Goran Dražić
Item #AM-19-127218
Supplemental Material and CIF zipped

Thermoelasticity, cation exchange, and deprotonation in Fe-rich holmquistite: Toward a crystal-chemical model for the high-temperature behavior of orthorhombic amphiboles
Roberta Oberti, Massimo Boiocchi, and Michele Zema
Item #AM-19-126966
CIF zipped

Chemical and textural relations of britholite- and apatite-group minerals from hydrothermal REE mineralization at the Rodeo de los Molles deposit, Central Argentina
Melanie Lorenz, Uwe Altenberger, Robert B. Trumbull, Raúl Lira, Mónica López de Luchi, Christina Günter, and Sascha Eidner
Item #AM-19-126969
Supplemental Material zipped

Bicapite, KNa2Mg2(H2PV5+14O42)·25H2O, a new polyoxometalate mineral with a bicapped Keggin anion from the Pickett Corral mine, Montrose County, Colorado, U.S.A.
Anthony R. Kampf, John M. Hughes, Barbara P. Nash, and Joe Marty
Item #AM-19-127027
Supplemental table, CIF zipped

Solubility of carbon and nitrogen in a sulfur-bearing iron melt: Constraints for siderophile behavior at upper mantle conditions
Alexander G. Sokol, Alexander F. Khokhryakov, Yuri M. Borzdov, Igor N. Kupriyanov, and Yuri N. Palyanov
Item #AM-19-127103
Supplemental Figures and Table zipped