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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 107, no. 8   August 2022

Estimating kaolinite crystallinity using near-infrared spectroscopy: Implications for its geology on Earth and Mars
Maxime Pineau, Maximilien Mathian, Fabien Baron, Benjamin Rondeau, Laetitia Le Deit, Thierry Allard, and Nicolas Mangold
Item #AM-22-88025
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The interplay between twinning and cation inversion in MgAl2O4-spinel: Implications for a nebular thermochronometer
Venkateswara Rao Manga, Krishna Muralidharan, and Thomas J. Zega
Item #AM-22-87874
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Seeing through metamorphic overprints in Archean granulites: Combined high-resolution thermometry and phase equilibrium modeling of the Lewisian Complex, Scotland
Phillip Gopon, Jacob B. Forshaw, Jon Wade, David J. Waters, and Christine Gopon
Item #AM-22-88214
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Interphase misorientation as a tool to study metamorphic reactions and crystallization in geological materials
Luiz F.G. Morales
Item #AM-22-87902
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Trace element partitioning between olivine and melt in lunar basalts
Sha Chen, Peng Ni, Youxue Zhang, and Joel Gagnon
Item #AM-22-87971
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Zircon geochronological and geochemical insights into pluton building and volcanic-hypabyssal-plutonic connections: Oki-Dōzen, Sea of Japan—A complex intraplate alkaline volcano
Jane H. Scarrow, Katy J. Chamberlain, Pilar Montero, Matthew S.A. Horstwood, Jun-Ichi Kimura, Yoshihiko Tamura, Qing Chang, and Jenni Barclay
Item #AM-22-87861
Online Material zipped

Using cathodoluminescence to identify oscillatory zoning of perthitic K‑feldspar from the equigranular Toki granite
Takashi Yuguchi, Mai Nonaka, Satoshi Suzuki, Takumi Imura, Kazuo Nakashima, and Tadao Nishiyama
Item #AM-22-88146
Online Material zipped

Influence of intensive parameters and assemblies on friction evolution during piston-cylinder experiments
Pierre Condamine, Simon Tournier, Bernard Charlier, Etienne Médard, Antoine Triantafyllou, Célia Dalou, Laurent Tissandier, Delphine Lequin, Camille Cartier, Evelyn Füri, Pete G. Burnard, Sylvie Demouchy, and Yves Marrocchi
Item #AM-22-87958
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Native gold enrichment process during growth of chalcopyritelined conduits within a modern hydrothermal chimney (Manus Basin, PNG)
Si-Yu Hu, Stephen J. Barnes, Anais Pagès, Michael Verrall, Joanna Parr, Zakaria Quadir, Louise Schoneveld, and Ray Binns
Item #AM-22-87866
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Pliniusite, Ca5(VO4)3F, a new apatite-group mineral and the novel natural ternary solid-solution system pliniusite–svabite– fluorapatite
Igor V. Pekov, Natalia N. Koshlyakova, Natalia V. Zubkova, Arkadiusz Krzątała, Dmitry I. Belakovskiy, Irina O. Galuskina, Evgeny V. Galuskin, Sergey N. Britvin, Evgeny G. Sidorov, Yevgeny Vapnik, and Dmitry Yu Pushcharovsky
Item #AM-22-88100
CIF zipped

Heamanite-(Ce), (K0.5Ce0.5)TiO3, a new perovskite supergroup mineral found in diamond from Gahcho Kué, Canada
Chiara Anzolini, William K. Siva-Jothy, Andrew J. Locock, Fabrizio Nestola, Tonči Balić-Žunić, Matteo Alvaro, Ingrid L. Chinn, Thomas Stachel, and D. Graham Pearson
Item #AM-22-88098
CIF and Online Material zipped

A revised analysis of ferrihydrite at liquid helium temperature using Mössbauer spectroscopy
James M. Byrne and Andreas Kappler
Item #AM-22-87802
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