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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 106, no. 2   February 2021

Effect of water on carbonate-silicate liquid immiscibility in the system KAlSi3O8-CaMgSi2O6-NaAlSi2O6-CaMg(CO3)2 at 6 GPa: Implications for diamond-forming melts
Anton Shatskiy, Anton V. Arefiev, Ivan V. Podborodnikov, and Konstantin D. Litasov
Item #AM-21-27551
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Jasonsmithite, a new phosphate mineral with a complex microporous framework, from the Foote mine, North Carolina, U.S.A.
Anthony R. Kampf, Aaron J. Celestian, and Barbara P. Nash
Item #AM-21-27582
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Titanium in calcium amphibole: Behavior and thermometry
Yue Liao, Chunjing Wei, and Hafiz Ur Rehman
Item #AM-21-27409
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Phase relationships in the system ZnS-CuInS2: Insights from a nanoscale study of indium-bearing sphalerite
Jing Xu, Cristiana L. Ciobanu, Nigel J. Cook, Ashley Slattery, Xiaofeng Li, and Alkiviadis Kontonikas-Charos
Item #AM-21-27488
Online Material zipped

Major and trace element composition of olivine from magnesian skarns and silicate marbles
Nikolai Nekrylov, Pavel Yu. Plechov, Yulia D. Gritsenko, Maxim V. Portnyagin, Vasily D. Shcherbakov, Vasily A. Aydov, and Dieter Garbe-Schönberg
Item #AM-21-27566
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Decompression experiments for sulfur-bearing hydrous rhyolite magma: Redox evolution during magma decompression
Satoshi Okumura, Hidemi Ishibashi, Shoichi Itoh, Akimasa Suzumura, Yoshihiro Furukawa, Takahiro Miwa, and Hiroyuki Kagi
Item #AM-21-27535
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Experimental evaluation of a new H2O-independent thermometer based on olivine-melt Ni partitioning at crustal pressure
Xiaofei Pu, Gordon M. Moore, Rebecca A. Lange, Jack P. Touran, and Joel E. Gagnon
Item #AM-21-27014
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Contrasting compositions between phenocrystic and xenocrystic olivines in the Cenozoic basalts from central Mongolia: Constraints on source lithology and regional uplift
Yunying Zhang, Chao Yuan, Min Sun, Zongying Huang, Tserendash Narantsetseg, Zhongyuan Ren, Pengfei Li, and Qinglin Zhang
Item #AM-21-27431
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The composition of garnet in granite and pegmatite from the Gangdese orogen in southeastern Tibet: Constraints on pegmatite petrogenesis
Meng Yu, Qiong-Xia Xia, Yong-Fei Zheng, Zi-Fu Zhao, Yi-Xiang Chen, Ren-Xu Chen, Xu Luo, Wan-Cai Li, and Haijun Xu
Item #AM-21-27388
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Formation of metasomatic tourmalinites in reduced schists during the Black Hills Orogeny, South Dakota
Peter I. Nabelek
Item #AM-21-27405
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The new mineral crowningshieldite: A high-temperature NiS polymorph found in a type IIa diamond from the Letseng mine, Lesotho
Evan M. Smith, Fabrizio Nestola, Leonardo Pasqualetto, Federico Zorzi, Luciano Secco, and Wuyi Wang
Item #AM-21-27567
CIF zipped

Elucidating the natural–synthetic mismatch of Pb2+Te4+O3: The redefinition of fairbankite to Pb2+ 12(Te4+O3)11(SO4)
Owen P. Missen, Michael S. Rumsey, Stuart J. Mills, Matthias Weil, Jens Najorka, John Spratt, and Uwe Kolitsch
Item #AM-21-27536
CIF and Online Material zipped

Are the thermodynamic properties of natural and synthetic Mg2SiO4-Fe2SiO4 olivines the same?
Charles A. Geiger, Noreen M. Vielreicher, and Edgar Dachs
Item #AM-21-27764
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