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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 105, no. 7   Jul 2020

Experimental determination of the solubility constant of kurnakovite, MgB3O3(OH)5·5H2O
Yongliang Xiong
Item #AM-20-77212
Supplemental Material zipped

Elastic properties of majoritic garnet inclusions in diamonds and the seismic signature of pyroxenites in the Earth’s upper mantle
Iuliia Koemets, Niccolò Satta, Hauke Marquardt, Ekaterina S. Kiseeva, Alexander Kurnosov, Thomas Stachel, Jeff W. Harris, and Leonid Dubrovinsky
Item #AM-20-77136
Supplemental Material zipped

Reversely zoned plagioclase in lower crustal meta-anorthosites: An indicator of multistage fracturing and metamorphism in the lower crust
Yusuke Soda, Taku Matsuda, Sachio Kobayashi, Motoo Ito, Yumiko Harigane, and Takamoto Okudaira
Item #AM-20-77284
Supplemental Material zipped

High-pressure silica phase transitions: Implications for deep mantle dynamics and silica crystallization in the protocore
Pratik Kr. Das, Chris E. Mohn, John P. Brodholt, and Reidar G. Trønnes
Item #AM-20-77299
Supplemental Material zipped

New IR spectroscopic data for determination of water abundances in hydrous pantelleritic glasses
Paola Stabile, Ernestina Appiah, Marco Bello, Gabriele Giuli, Eleonora Paris, and Michael R. Carroll
Item #AM-20-77363
Supplemental Material zipped

Experimental investigation of the effect of nickel on the electrical resistivity of Fe-Ni and Fe-Ni-S alloys under pressure
Anne Pommier
Item #AM-20-77301
Supplemental Material zipped

An experimental approach to examine fluid-melt interaction and mineralization in rare-metal pegmatites
Alysha G. McNeil, Robert L. Linnen, Roberta L. Flemming, and Mostafa Fayek
Item #AM-20-77216
Supplemental Material zipped

Crystal-chemistry of sulfates from the Apuan Alps (Tuscany, Italy). VI. Tl-bearing alum-(K) and voltaite from the Fornovolasco mining complex
Cristian Biagioni, Daniela Mauro, Marco Pasero, Elena Bonaccorsi, Giovanni Orazio Lepore, Federica Zaccarini, and Henrik Skogby
Item #AM-20-77320
Supplemental Material zipped

First-principles modeling of X-ray absorption spectra enlightens the processes of scandium sequestration by iron oxides
Mathieu Chassé, Marc Blanchard, Delphine Cabaret, Amélie Juhin, Delphine Vantelon, and Georges Calas
Item #AM-20-77308
Supplemental Material zipped

Effects of the dissolution of thermal barrier coating materials on the viscosity of remelted volcanic ash
Dirk Müller, Kai-Uwe Hess, Ulrich Kueppers, and Donald B. Dingwell
Item #AM-20-77334
Supplemental Material zipped