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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 105, no. 2   February 2020

A method to estimate the pre-eruptive water content of basalts: Application to the Wudalianchi–Erkeshan–Keluo volcanic field, Northeastern China
Yankun Di, Wei Tian, Mimi Chen, Zefeng Li, Zhuyin Chu, and Ju Liang
Item #AM-20-27137
Supplemental Material zipped

A new emerald occurrence from Kruta Balka, Western Peri-Azovian region, Ukraine: Implications for understanding the crystal chemistry of emerald
Gerhard Franz, Oleksii Vyshnevskyi, Michail Taran, Vladimir Khomenko, Michael Wiedenbeck, Ferry Schiperski, and Jörg Nissen
Item #AM-20-27010
Supplemental Tables zipped

Dissolution of poorly soluble uranyl phosphate phases in the Metaautunite Subgroup under uranyl peroxide cage cluster forming conditions
Haylie L. Lobeck, Enrica Balboni, Connor J. Parker, Tsuyoshi A. Kohlgruber, Mengyu Xu, Sara Boukdad, Henry M. Ridder, Hrafn Traustason, Jordan K. Isner, Ewa A. Dzik, and Peter C. Burns
Item #AM-20-27106
Supplemental Material zipped

Quartz crystals in Toba rhyolites show textures symptomatic of rapid crystallization
Olivia Barbee, Craig Chesner, and Chad Deering
Item #AM-20-26947
Supplemental Material zipped

Constraints on non-isothermal diffusion modeling: An experimental analysis and error assessment using halogen diffusion in melts
Smruti Sourav Rout, Burkhard C. Schmidt, and Gerhard Wörner
Item #AM-20-27193
Supplemental Material zipped

Machiite, Al2Ti3O9, a new oxide mineral from the Murchison carbonaceous chondrite: A new ultra-refractory phase from the solar nebula
Alexander N. Krot, Kazuhide Nagashima, and George R. Rossman
Item #AM-20-27185
Supplemental Material zipped

Partitioning of V and 19 other trace elements between rutile and silicate melt as a function of oxygen fugacity and melt composition: Implications for subduction zones
Megan Holycross and Elizabeth Cottrell
Item #AM-20-27013
Supplemental Material zipped

Cl-bearing fluorcalciobritholite in high-Ti basalts from Apollo 11 and 17: Implications for volatile histories of late-stage lunar magmas
James P. Greenwood, Kenichi Abe, and Benjamin McKeeby
Item #AM-20-27180
Supplemental Table zipped

Amphibole-rich cumulate xenoliths in the Zhazhalong intrusive suite, Gangdese arc: Implications for the role of amphibole fractionation during magma evolution
Jin-Sheng Zhou, Zhu-Sen Yang, Zeng-Qian Hou, and Qiang Wang
Item #AM-20-27199
Supplemental Figures and Tables zipped