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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 104, no. 2   February 2019

In situ measurements of lead and other trace elements in abyssal peridotite sulfides
Megan E. D’Errico, Matthew A. Coble, and Jessica M. Warren
Item #AM-19-26516
Supplemental material, figures, and tables. zipped

A terrestrial magmatic hibonite-grossite-vanadium assemblage: Desilication and extreme reduction in a volcanic plumbing system, Mount Carmel, Israel
William L. Griffin, Sarah E.M. Gain, Jin-Xiang Huang, Martin Saunders, Jeremy Shaw, Vered Toledo, and Suzanne Y. O’Reilly
Item #AM-19-26733
Supplemental Material zipped

Intragranular plasticity vs. grain boundary sliding (GBS) in forsterite: Microstructural evidence at high pressures (3.5–5.GPa)
Caroline Bollinger, Katharina Marquardt, and Filippe Ferreira
Item #AM-19-26629
Supplemental Figures zipped

Nanoscale study of lamellar exsolutions in clinopyroxene from olivine gabbro: Recording crystallization sequences in iron-rich layered intrusions
Wenyuan Gao, Cristiana L. Ciobanu, Nigel J. Cook, Ashley Slattery, Fei Huang, and Daoheng Wang
Item #AM-19-26764
Supplemental Material zipped

Elasticity of single-crystal periclase at high pressure and temperature: The effect of iron on the elasticity and seismic parameters of ferropericlase in the lower mantle
Dawei Fan, Suyu Fu, Jing Yang, Sergey N. Tkachev, Vitali B. Prakapenka, and Jung-Fu Lin
Item #AM-19-26656
Supplemental Figures and Tables zipped

Elastic plastic self-consistent (EPSC) modeling of San Carlos olivine deformed in a D-DIA apparatus
Pamela C. Burnley and Shirin Kaboli
Item #AM-19-26666
Supplemental Material zipped

Kinetics of antigorite dehydration: Rapid dehydration as a trigger for lower-plane seismicity in subduction zones
Tao Liu, Duojun Wang, Kewei Shen, Chuanjiang Liu, and Li Yi
Item #AM-19-26805
Supplemental Table S1. zipped

Evidence for syngenetic micro-inclusions of As3+- and As5+-containing Cu sulfides in hydrothermal pyrite
Margarita Merkulova, Magdalena Murdzek, Olivier Mathon, Pieter Glatzel, Valentina Batanova, and Alain Manceau
Item #AM-19-26807
Supplemental Material zipped

The oxidation state of sulfur in lunar apatite
Maryjo Brounce, Jeremy Boyce, Francis M. McCubbin, Jennifer Humphreys, Justin Reppart, Edward Stolper, and John Eiler
Item #AM-19-26804
Supplemental Material zipped