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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 103, no. 7   July 2018

Redox-induced nucleation and growth of goethite on synthetic hematite nanoparticles
Jeanette L. Voelz, William A. Arnold, and R. Lee Penn
Item #AM-18-76342
Supplemental Material zipped

Effect of alkalinity on sulfur concentration at sulfide saturation in hydrous basaltic andesite to shoshonite melts at 1270 °C and 1 GPa
Rameses J. D’Souza and Dante Canil
Item #AM-18-76404
Supplemental Figures and Tables zipped

Is fibrous ferrierite a potential health hazard? Characterization and comparison with fibrous erionite
Alessandro F. Gualtieri, Nicola Bursi Gandolfi, Elio Passaglia, Simone Pollastri, Michele Mattioli, Matteo Giordani, Maria Francesca Ottaviani, Michela Cangiotti, Andrea Bloise, Donatella Barca, Ruggero Vigliaturo, Alberto Viani, Luca Pasquali, and Magdalena Lassinantti Gualtieri
Item #AM-18-76508
Supplemental Material zipped

Experimental investigation of basalt and peridotite oxybarometers: Implications for spinel thermodynamic models and Fe3+ compatibility during generation of upper mantle melts
Fred A. Davis and Elizabeth Cottrell
Item #AM-18-76280
Supplemental Figures and Tables zipped

Pressure, sulfur, and metal-silicate partitioning: The effect of sulfur species on the parameterization of experimental results
Neil R. Bennett and Yingwei Fei
Item #AM-18-76282
Supplemental Material zipped

Analysis and visualization of vanadium mineral diversity and distribution
Chao Liu, Ahmed Eleish, Grethe Hystad, Joshua J. Golden, Robert T. Downs, Shaunna M. Morrison, Daniel R. Hummer, Jolyon P. Ralph, Peter Fox, and Robert M. Hazen
Item #AM-18-76274
Supplemental Tables zipped

On the relative timing of listwaenite formation and chromian spinel equilibration in serpentinites
Hisham A. Gahlan, Mokhles K. Azer, and Paul D. Asimow
Item #AM-18-76473
Supplemental Tables zipped

AMFORM, a new mass-based model for the calculation of the unit formula of amphiboles from electron microprobe analyses
Filippo Ridolfi, Alberto Zanetti, Alberto Renzulli, Diego Perugini, Francois Holtz, and Roberta Oberti
Item #AM-18-76385
Supplemental Material zipped

Kalistrontite, its occurrence, structure, genesis, and significance for the evolution of potash deposits in North Yorkshire, U.K.
Simon J. Kemp, Jeremy C. Rushton, Matthew S.A. Horstwood, and Gwilherm Nénert
Item #AM-18-76194
Supplemental Figures, Tables, and CIF zipped

The uppermost mantle section below a remnant proto-Philippine Sea island arc: Insights from the peridotite fragments from the Daito Ridge
Tomoaki Morishita, Ken-Ichiro Tani, Yusuke Soda, Akihiro Tamura, Tomoyuki Mizukami, and Biswajit Ghosh
Item #AM-18-76030
Supplemental Figures and Tables zipped

Heat capacity measurements of CaAlSiO4F from 5 to 850 K and its standard entropy
Peter Tropper, Ulrike Troitzsch, Edgar Dachs, and Artur Benisek
Item #AM-18-76500
Supplemental Material zipped

Trace element thermometry of garnet-clinopyroxene pairs, revisited
Richard N. Abbott Jr.
Item #AM-18-76487
Supplemental Material zipped