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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 103, no. 1   January 2018

Visible, near-infrared, and mid-infrared spectral characterization of Hawaiian fumarolic alteration near Kilauea’s December 1974 flow: Implications for spectral discrimination of alteration environments on Mars
Marcella Yant, Kelsey E. Young, A. Deanne Rogers, Amy C. McAdam, Jacob E. Bleacher, Janice L. Bishop, and Stanley A. Mertzman
Item #AM-18-16116
Supplemental Table zipped

Magnetite-apatite deposit from Sri Lanka: Implications on Kiruna-type mineralization associated with ultramafic intrusion and mantle metasomatism
Xiao-Fang He, M. Santosh, T. Tsunogae, and Sanjeewa P.K. Malaviarachchi
Item #AM-18-16254
Supplemental Figures and Table zipped

The ore-forming magmatic-hydrothermal system of the Piaotang W-Sn deposit (Jiangxi, China) as seen from Li-mica geochemistry
Hélène Legros, Christian Marignac, Thomas Tabary, Julien Mercadier, Antonin Richard, Michel Cuney, Ru-Cheng Wang, Nicolas Charles, and Marc-Yves Lespinasse
Item #AM-18-16196
Supplemental Tables 1-3 zipped

Chlorine incorporation into amphibole and biotite in high-grade iron-formations: Interplay between crystallography and metamorphic fluids
Darrell J. Henry and Nicholas M. Daigle
Item #AM-18-16143
Supplemental Material zipped

Depth of formation of super-deep diamonds: Raman barometry of CaSiO3-walstromite inclusions
Chiara Anzolini, Mauro Prencipe, Matteo Alvaro, Claudia Romano, Alessandro Vona, Sofia Lorenzon, Evan M. Smith, Frank E. Brenker, and Fabrizio Nestola
Item #AM-18-16184
Supplemental Figures and Tables zipped

Microtexture investigation of amblygonite–montebrasite series with lacroixite: Characteristics and formation process in pegmatites
Yohei Shirose and Seiichiro Uehara
Item #AM-18-16049
Supplemental Tables zipped

New insights into the metallogeny of MVT Zn-Pb deposits: A case study from the Nayongzhi in South China, using field data, fluid compositions, and in situ S-Pb isotopes
Jia-Xi Zhou, Xuan-Ce Wang, Simon A. Wilde, Kai Luo, Zhi-Long Huang, Tao Wu, and Zhong-Guo Jin
Item #AM-18-16238
Appendix Tables and Appendix Material A and B zipped

Slow weathering of a sandstone-derived Podzol (Falkland Islands) resulting in high content of a non-crystalline silicate
Javier Cuadros, Mara Cesarano, William Dubbin, Stuart W. Smith, Alexandra Davey, Baruch Spiro, Rodney G.O. Burton, and Anne D. Jungblut
Item #AM-18-16230
Supplemental Appendix zipped

Mineralogy, paragenesis, and mineral chemistry of REEs in the Olserum-Djupedal REE-phosphate mineralization, SE Sweden
Stefan S. Andersson, Thomas Wagner, Erik Jonsson, and Radoslaw M. Michallik
Item #AM-18-16202
Supplemental Figures and Tables zipped

Leesite, K(H2O)2[(UO2)4O2(OH)5]∙3H2O, a new K-bearing schoepite-family mineral from the Jomac mine, San Juan County, Utah, U.S.A.
Travis A. Olds, Jakub Plášil, Anthony R. Kampf, Tyler Spano, Patrick Haynes, Shawn M. Carlson, Peter C. Burns, Antonio Simonetti, and Owen P. Mills
Item #AM-18-16083
CIF and Supplemental Material zipped

Chromium-bearing phases in the Earth’s mantle: Evidence from experiments in the Mg2SiO4–MgCr2O4 system at 10–24 GPa and 1600 °C
Ekaterina A. Sirotkina, Andrey V. Bobrov, Luca Bindi, and Tetsuo Irifune
Item #AM-18-16264
Appendix Table zipped

A novel carbon bonding environment in deep mantle high-pressure dolomite
Cara E. Vennari and Quentin Williams
Item #AM-18-16270
Supplemental Material zipped

Structuration under pressure: Spatial separation of inserted water during pressure-induced hydration in mesolite
Yonghwi Kim, Jinhyuk Choi, Thomas Vogt, and Yongjae Lee
Item #AM-18-16252
Supplemental Material zipped