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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 102, no. 11   November 2017

Tracking the evolution of Late Mesozoic arc-related magmatic systems in Hong Kong using in-situ U-Pb dating and trace element analyses in zircon
Denise L.K. Tang, Colin J.N. Wilson, Roderick J. Sewell, Diane Seward, Lung S. Chan, Trevor R. Ireland, and Joseph L. Wooden
Item #AM-17-116071
Supplemental appendices, Figure 2, and Table 2 zipped

The fate of ammonium in phengite at high temperature
Yan Yang, Vincent Busigny, Zhongping Wang, and Qunke Xia
Item #AM-17-116094
Supplemental Figure and Table zipped

Parameterized lattice strain models for REE partitioning between amphibole and silicate melt
Kei Shimizu, Yan Liang, Chenguang Sun, Colin R.M. Jackson, and Alberto E. Saal
Item #AM-17-116110
Supplemental Material zipped

Unusual replacement of Fe‑Ti oxides by rutile during retrogression in amphibolite‑hosted veins (Dabie UHP terrane): A mineralogical record of fluid‑induced oxidation processes in exhumed UHP slabs
Shun Guo, Pan Tang, Bin Su, Yi Chen, Kai Ye, Lingmin Zhang, Yijie Gao, Jingbo Liu, and Yueheng Yang
Item #AM-17-116120
Supplemental Material, Tables, and Figures zipped

Crystallization experiments in rhyolitic systems: The effect of temperature cycling and starting material on crystal size distribution
Marize Muniz da Silva, Francois Holtz, and Olivier Namur
Item #AM-17-115981
Supplemental Material zipped

Dolomite dissociation indicates ultra-deep (>km) subduction of a garnet-bearing dunite block (the Sulu UHP terrane)
Bin Su, Yi Chen, Shun Guo, and Jing-Bo Liu
Item #AM-17-115982
Supplemental Figures and Tables zipped

Ferruginous seawater facilitates the transformation of glauconite to chamosite: An example from the Mesoproterozoic Xiamaling Formation of North China
Dongjie Tang, Xiaoying Shi, Ganqing Jiang, Xiqiang Zhou, and Qing Shi
Item #AM-17-116136
Supplemental Tables zipped

Charleshatchettite, CaNb4O10(OH)2·8H2O, a new mineral from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Québec, Canada: Description, crystal-structure determination, and origin
Monika M.M. Haring and Andrew M. McDonald
Item #AM-17-115926
Tables 3 and 6; CIF zipped