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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 102, no. 4   April 2017

Luogufengite: A new nano-mineral of Fe2O3 polymorph with giant coercive field
Huifang Xu, Seungyeol Lee, and Hongwu Xu
Item #AM-17-45849
CIF/Supplemental Material zipped

Column anion arrangements in chemically zoned ternary chlorapatite and fluorapatite from Kurokura, Japan
Sean R. Kelly, John Rakovan, and John M. Hughes
Item #AM-17-45825
CIF/Supplemental Material zipped

Magmatic graphite inclusions in Mn-Fe-rich fluorapatite of perphosphorus granites (the Belvís pluton, Variscan Iberian Belt)
Cecilia Pérez-Soba, Carlos Villaseca, and Alfredo Fernández
Item #AM-17-45895
Supplemental Material zipped

A comparison of olivine-melt thermometers based on DMg and DNi: The effects of melt composition, temperature, and pressure with applications to MORBs and hydrous arc basalts
Xiaofei Pu, Rebecca A. Lange, and Gordon Moore
Item #AM-17-45879
Supplemental Appendices zipped

Water transfer during magma mixing events: Insights into crystal mush rejuvenation and melt extraction processes
Mattia Pistone, Jon Blundy, Richard A. Brooker, and EIMF
Item #AM-17-45793
Supplemental Material zipped

A new clinopyroxene-liquid barometer, and implications for magma storage pressures under Icelandic rift zones
David A. Neave and Keith D. Putirka
Item #AM-17-45968
Supplemental Material zipped

The S content of silicate melts at sulfide saturation: New experiments and a model incorporating the effects of sulfide composition
Duane J. Smythe, Bernard J. Wood, and Ekaterina S. Kiseeva
Item #AM-17-45800
Supplemental Material zipped

Iron partitioning in natural lower-mantle minerals: Toward a chemically heterogeneous lower mantle
Felix V. Kaminsky and Jung-Fu Lin
Item #AM-17-45949
Supplemental Table 1 zipped

Identifying biogenic silica: Mudrock micro-fabric explored through charge contrast imaging
Jim Buckman, Carol Mahoney, Christian März, Thomas Wagner, and Vladimir Blanco
Item #AM-17-45797
Supplemental Material zipped

Compressibility and high-pressure structural behavior of Mg2Fe2O5
Nicki C. Siersch, Tiziana Boffa Ballaran, Laura Uenver-Thiele, and Alan B. Woodland
Item #AM-17-45837
CIF and tables zipped

Thermo-elastic behavior of grossular garnet at high pressures and temperatures
Sula Milani, Ross J. Angel, Lorenzo Scandolo, Mattia L. Mazzucchelli, Tiziana Boffa Ballaran, Stephan Klemme, Maria C. Domeneghetti, Ronald Miletich, Katharina S. Scheidl, Mariana Derzsi, Kamil Tokár, Mauro Prencipe, Matteo Alvaro, and Fabrizio Nestola
Item #AM-17-45855
Tables 1-3 zipped

Experimental constraints on the stability of baddeleyite and zircon in carbonate- and silicate-carbonate melts
Fernanda Gervasoni, Stephan Klemme, Arno Rohrbach, Tobias Grützner, and Jasper Berndt
Item #AM-17-45870
Supplemental Tables zipped

Polarized FTIR spectroscopic examination on hydroxylation in the minerals of the wolframite group, (Fe,Mn,Mg)[W,(Nb,Ta)][O,(OH)]4
Dominik Talla, Anton Beran, Radek Škoda, and Zdeněk Losos
Item #AM-17-45664
Supplemental Tables zipped

Tourmaline-rich features in the Heemskirk and Pieman Heads granites from western Tasmania, Australia: Characteristics, origins, and implications for tin mineralization
Wei Hong, David R. Cooke, Lejun Zhang, Nathan Fox, and Jay Thompson
Item #AM-17-45838
Supplemental Material zipped

Ca L2,3-edge near edge X-ray absorption fine structure of tricalcium aluminate, gypsum, and calcium (sulfo)aluminate hydrates
Guoqing Geng, Rupert J. Myers, Arthur L.D. Kilcoyne, Juyoung Ha, and Paulo J.M. Monteiro
Item #AM-17-45670
Supplemental Material zipped

Fluorwavellite, Al3(PO4)2(OH)2F·5H2O, the fluorine analog of wavellite
Anthony R. Kampf, Paul M. Adams, Henry Barwood, and Barbara P. Nash
Item #AM-17-45948
CIF and tables zipped