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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 101, no. 6   June 2016

Discovery of in situ super-reducing, ultrahigh-pressure phases in the Luobusa ophiolitic chromitites, Tibet: New insights into the deep upper mantle and mantle transition zone
Ru Y. Zhang, Jing-Sui Yang, W.G. Ernst, Bor-Ming Jahn, Yoshiyuki Iizuka, and Guo-Lin Guo
Item #AM-16-65436
Appendix Figure and Table zipped

Uraninite from the Olympic Dam IOCG-U-Ag deposit: Linking textural and compositional variation to temporal evolution
Edeltraud Macmillan, Nigel J. Cook, Kathy Ehrig, Cristiana L. Ciobanu, and Allan Pring
Item #AM-16-65411
Appendices and Appendix Tables zipped

A story of olivine from the McIvor Hill complex (Tasmania, Australia): Clues to the origin of the Avebury metasomatic Ni sulfide deposit
Vadim S. Kamenetsky, Alexey V. Lygin, Jeff G. Foster, Sebastien Meffre, Roland Maas, Maya B. Kamenetsky, Karsten Goemann, and Steve W. Beresford
Item #AM-16-65509
Supplemental Material zipped

The origin of extensive Neoarchean high-silica batholiths and the nature of intrusive complements to silicic ignimbrites: Insights from the Wyoming batholith, U.S.A.
Davin A. Bagdonas, Carol D. Frost, and C. Mark Fanning
Item #AM-16-65512
Supplemental Tables zipped

From the Hadean to the Himalaya: 4.4 Ga of felsic terrestrial magmatism
T. Mark Harrison and Matthew M. Wielicki
Item #AM-16-65516
Supplemental Figures and Data Tables zipped

Compositional effects on the solubility of minor and trace elements in oxide spinel minerals: Insights from crystal-crystal partition coefficients in chromite exsolution
Vanessa Colás, José Alberto Padrón-Navarta, José María González-Jiménez, William L. Griffin, Isabel Fanlo, Suzanne Y. O’Reilly, Fernando Gervilla, Joaquín A. Proenza, Norman J. Pearson, and Monica P. Escayola
Item #AM-16-65611
Supplemental Table and Figure zipped

A Cr3+ luminescence study of spodumene at high pressures: Effects of site geometry, a phase transition, and a level-crossing
Earl O’Bannon III and Quentin Williams
Item #AM-16-65567
Supplemental Material zipped

High-temperature and high-pressure behavior of carbonates in the ternary diagram CaCO3-MgCO3-FeCO3
Marco Merlini, Francesca Sapelli, Patrizia Fumagalli, G. Diego Gatta, Paolo Lotti, Simone Tumiati, Mahmoud Abdellatief, Andrea Lausi, Jasper Plaisier, Michael Hanfland, Wilson Crichton, Julien Chantel, Jeremy Guignard, Carlo Meneghini, Alessandro Pavese, and Stefano Poli
Item #AM-16-65458
CIF and Supplemental Material zipped

Trace element thermometry of garnet-clinopyroxene pairs
Jonathan R. Pickles, Jonathan D. Blundy, and Richard A. Brooker
Item #AM-16-65427
Supplemental Figures and Tables zipped