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Note that each pull-down on the menu above contains specific and important information, including nomenclature, tables, references, CIFs, figures, paper types, and more. Please explore the whole site before submitting your paper -- the tab-based design makes it easy to find what you need instead of scrolling on and on.


Article TypeNotesPage LimitbInvite Only
Can be part of a Special CollectionaNo set size limits.c No
LettersRapid publication option for short manuscripts will be handled personally by an Editor; Can be part of a Special Collectiona; must require little or no revisionLimited to 4 typeset pages; tends to be less than 15 double-spaced pages, including refs, counting each fig. and table as 1 page.No
PerspectivesThese papers can be a preview of an emerging field of study, or a review of an existing field, with a focus on recent developments, and thoughts as to where and how the field is expected to advance. They can be interdisciplinary papers to address a topic that falls at the boundary of Earth and planetary materials with other disciplines. Appropriate research matter involves, but is by no means limited, intersections with engineering, physics, environmental science, medicine, microbiology, or astrobiology, to name just a few possibilities.Max 12 pagesNo
Review ArticlesAssemble previously published information and then analyze and reinterpret it in such a way so as to provide new insightsSubmit no more than 20,000 words counting everything; generally less than 30 pages typeset; less than 100 double-spaced pages, counting each fig. and table as 1 page. Yes, query before submitting
Highlights and BreakthroughsSummaries that provide additional perspective on new articles that appear in Am Minlimited to one or two typeset pages (or less); tends to be under 4 manuscript pagesYes
Discussion/Reply Brief commentaries ("Discussion") on an Article, the author can respond ("Reply"). Only one round of exchange is allowed. Title your Discussion with the original title of the publication in question, and add "--Discussion" to the end. Title your Reply article with the original title and add "--Reply" to the end. Discussion must be submitted with 12 months of the appearance of a paper in the print version of the journal. 2 typeset pages, or 5 double-spaced, 12 pt font manuscript pages. Tables and artwork should be absolutely minimal No
Book Reviews View list of the titles available or contact the Book Review editor to suggest a title you wish to review. preferably 1 page typeset Yes / contact us to volunteer
Memorials Click for more info No
Errata Errata should be within a year or so of publication and should be significant -- a true mistake that would propagate in the future. There will not be an errata regarding references or typos.

To begin the process or to discuss, e-mail the managing editor.

a Special Collection info

b Shorter papers = shorter review time, on average. For more information about Open Access and page charges, visit

c While they have no rigid size minimum or maximum, Articles tend to have a typeset length of eight to twelve typeset pages. We expect papers to be written concisely, and even elegantly, to communicate the new and essential information in the most effective way possible. If the manuscript exceeds 50 pages (text, figures, tables), authors are encouraged to consider using the (free to authors and readers) electronic depository for some portion of the work (e.g., tables, figures, methods or part of methods, etc.), if appropriate. Contact the Editors with any questions.