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Note that each pull-down on the menu above contains specific and important information, including nomenclature, tables, references, CIFs, figures, paper types, and more. Please explore the whole site before submitting your paper -- the tab-based design makes it easy to find what you need instead of scrolling on and on.

Guide to Tables

The key to having tables that should be a typeset part of the paper is that those tables should be concise and integral to the discussion and understanding of the paper. Tables that show your raw or bulk data, while important, should be a part of the Online Materials of the paper, they will be linked to the paper, and they are a part of the peer review.

Other tables may also be Online Materials and not typeset with the paper per the editor's judgment. Online Materials allow increased sharing with other researchers.

Format: Ideally the format is Microsoft Word or Excel, but we’ll use txt files as well if need be.

CIF (Crystallographic Information Files): Please click here.