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American Mineralogist: International Journal of Earth and Planetary Materials Research

American Mineralogist (Am Min), is the flagship journal of the Mineralogical Society of America (MSA), continuously published since 1916. Am Min is home to some of the most important advances in the Earth and Planetary Sciences with a mineralogical focus in the broadest sense. Our mission is a continuance of this heritage: to provide readers with reports on exciting, original scientific research, both fundamental and applied, with far reaching implications and far ranging appeal. Our full Scope and Mission and paper types are here (Scope and Mission.)

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Figure 2. The coordination environment of the M site of scapolite (hosting
Na or Ca). From Lotti et al.,

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Impact Factor: 3.1.

Submission to acceptance time averages about 3.5 months.

Letters papers submission to acceptance time averages about 2 months.

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