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Note that each pull-down on the menu above contains specific and important information, including nomenclature, tables, references, CIFs, figures, paper types, and more. Please explore the whole site before submitting your paper -- the tab-based design makes it easy to find what you need instead of scrolling on and on.


Overview: Proofs are sent to authors via e-mail. With our new web-based system, authors access their PDF file by clicking a link. Authors will use this link multiple times: to download proofs, then upload corrections. There is a comment box for very short lists of corrections or short notes to staff. The system automatically files the proof with the paper, alerts us, and keeps everything on track.

Check out this helpful "how to" Quicktime video presented by the managing editor. It shows the screens and basic process of downloading and uploading your proof files.

It is important to return proof corrections within 5 days of receipt to avoid publication delays. The new web-based proofs system will improve communication with authors and be much easier for authors. Do not hesitate to contact with any questions or concerns.

Software requirements: It advised to obtain the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (free to download), which is necessary for viewing page proofs and other aspects of the submission and review process. Of course Acrobat professional version will work perfectly too.

Changes in proofs: Changes made at the page-proof stage are time consuming, expensive, and are logically discouraged. An author who makes extensive changes in text (such as rewriting passages or changing data on tables) may be billed as a result of the additions or deletions. Re-doing of figures because of an author's changes can also be charged to the author. However, there is no charge for answering Editor queries or correcting scientific mistakes.

Returning page proofs: Authors will be advised of the timeframe in which page proofs are due to arrive when their manuscript is accepted. If they expect to be away during that time, it is their responsibility to provide the Editorial Office with an alternative e-mail address, if necessary, to which the page proofs may be sent or to make other arrangements for the proofs to be checked and returned. Authors have 5 business days from the date the proofs arrive to return them to the Editorial Office. All proof procedures are explained with the proof.

Page charges: It is humbly requested that all authors who are able pay their page charges. Details will be included in your proofs e-mail. There are a variety of ways to contribute financially to the production of your paper and support the Society.

Page Charges and Offprints

Background: MSA is a nonprofit society funding the journal primarily with a subscriber-based economic model. Subscriptions to online versions or the traditional print version are kept as low in cost as possible by offsets from author page charges and other revenue. To keep Am Min viable, if the paper is to be freely available to all readers concurrently or previously to publication, then the author must pay the open access/archive charges (and the paper will also be open to all readers on our websites). For institutional/funding requirements it is possible that an inexpensive post-publication "e-link" may suffice. Any details can be discussed with the managing editor before submission -- and all options are outlined on the Author Charges form. (IMPORTANT: DO not fill out this form until you receive page proofs, with your total number of typeset pages.)

Page charges: Authors are requested to pay a set rate per page for page charges, although current publication costs are considerably higher than the requested amount. Payment of page charges is not a condition of acceptance for manuscript publication; however, MSA depends largely on the revenue generated from page charges and reprint orders to keep journal subscription costs low. For this reason, authors are asked to make every effort to obtain funds for page charges or reprints from their granting agency or institution.

Authors who pay page charges may receive up to 100 offprints and an "e-link" of their paper with this option if desired. Authors can also purchase additional offprints (also called reprints). (An "e-link" is a url code you can e-mail or post on a website that allows anyone access to the full text of your paper on GeoScienceWorld with no expiration.)

Other options: Authors may also order offprints, without paying page charges, if funds do not allow. If the first author is an MSA member ((join here)), but cannot pay page charges or order offprints, they are eligible for a complementary "e-link" as a member benefit.

Orders shipped to non-U.S. addresses are by surface delivery at no extra charge; airmail first class service for faster service costs extra.

Agreed upon figure related costs (full color and online color) can also be addressed on the offprint/page charge form.

Authors of memorials, review papers, and official MSA presentations are exempt from page charges, but may opt to receive complementary reprints and/or the "e-link" of their paper.

Details of fees can be found at

Online form: The page charge/offprint form with the page-charge order and billing instructions is now on the web; a link to the URL accompanies page proofs. A response should be returned to the MSA Business Office at the same time page proofs are returned to the Editorial Office; any purchase order forms required by the author's institution may be sent at a later time. Please submit your form only once. If changes become necessary, contact the Editorial office directly.