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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 100, no. 10   November-December 2015

Trace element partitioning into sulfide: How lithophile elements become chalcophile and vice versa
Bernard J. Wood and Ekaterina S. Kiseeva
Item #AM-15-115358
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Quasicrystals at extreme conditions: The role of pressure in stabilizing icosahedral Al63Cu24Fe13 at high temperature
Vincenzo Stagno, Luca Bindi, Changyong Park, Sergey Tkachev, Vitali B. Prakapenka, H.-K. Mao, Russell J. Hemley, Paul J. Steinhardt and Yingwei Fei
Item #AM-15-115412
Supplemental Material zipped

Experimental constraints on bubble formation and growth during magma ascent: A review
Adrian Fiege and Sarah B. Cichy
Item #AM-15-115296
Supplemental Figure and Table zipped

Ankerite grains with dolomite cores: A diffusion chronometer for low- to medium-grade regionally metamorphosed clastic sediments
John M. Ferry, Joanne E. Stubbs, Huifang Xu, Yunbin Guan and John M. Eiler
Item #AM-15-115209
Appendix zipped

Mineralogical characterization of individual growth structures of Mn-nodules with different Ni+Cu content from the central Pacific Ocean
Anna V. Wegorzewski, Thomas Kuhn, Reiner Dohrmann, Richard Wirth and Sylvain Grangeon
Item #AM-15-115122
Supplemental Material zipped

The magma plumbing system of the Emeishan large igneous province and its role in basaltic magma differentiation in a continental setting
Yan Tao, Keith Putirka, Rui-Zhong Hu and Chusi Li
Item #AM-15-114907
Appendices zipped

Weathering of the Ethiopian volcanic province: A new weathering index to characterize and compare soils
Jennifer S. Le Blond, Javier Cuadros, Yordanos B. Molla, Tadesse Berhanu, Mohammed Umer, Peter J. Baxter and Gail Davey
Item #AM-15-115168
Appendix Figures and Tables zipped

Tetrahedral plot diagram: A geometrical solution for quaternary systems
Toshiaki Shimura and Anthony I.S. Kemp
Item #AM-15-115371
Excel file and Appendix zipped

Investigations on alunogen under Mars-relevant temperature conditions: An example for a single-crystal-to-single-crystal phase transition
Volker Kahlenberg, Doris E. Braun and Maria Orlova
Item #AM-15-115342
CIF and Supplementary Tables zipped

Determination of the full elastic tensor of single crystals using shear wave velocities by Brillouin spectroscopy
Dawei Fan, Zhu Mao, Jing Yang and Jung-Fu Lin
Item #AM-15-115311
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The MnCO3-II high-pressure polymorph of rhodocrosite
Marco Merlini, Michael Hanfland and Mauro Gemmi
Item #AM-15-115320
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Hydrogrossular, Ca3Al2(SiO4)3−x(H4O4)x: An ab initio investigation of its structural and energetic properties
Valentina Lacivita, Agnes Mahmoud, Alessandro Erba, Philippe D’Arco and Sami Mustapha
Item #AM-15-115334
Supplemental Material and CIF zipped

High-pressure synthesis of skiagite-majorite garnet and investigation of its crystal structure
Leyla Ismailova, Andrey Bobrov, Maxim Bykov, Elena Bykova, Valerio Cerantola, Innokenty Kantor, Ilya Kupenko, Catherine McCammon, Vadim Dyadkin, Dmitry Chernyshov, Sakura Pascarelli, Aleksandr Chumakov, Natalia Dubrovinskaia and Leonid Dubrovinsky
Item #AM-15-115278
CIF zipped

Exploring the potential of Raman spectroscopy for crystallochemical analyses of complex hydrous silicates: I. Amphiboles
Lisa Leissner, Jochen Schlüter, Ingo Horn and Boriana Mihailova
Item #AM-15-115323
Supplemental Table zipped

Apexite, NaMg(PO4)·9H2O, a new struvite-type phase with a heteropolyhedral cluster
Anthony R. Kampf, Stuart J. Mills, Barbara P. Nash, Martin Jensen and Tony Nikischer
Item #AM-15-115457
CIF zipped

The axial ratio of hcp Fe and Fe–Ni–Si alloys to the conditions of Earth’s inner core
Rebecca A. Fischer and Andrew J. Campbell
Item #AM-15-115191
Supplementary Figure and Tables zipped

Dislocation microstructures in simple-shear-deformed wadsleyite at transition-zone conditions: Weak-beam dark-field TEM characterization of dislocations on the (010) plane
Nobuyoshi Miyajima and Takaaki Kawazoe
Item #AM-15-115481
Supplemental material zipped

Chemical composition and crystal structure of merrillite from the Suizhou meteorite
Hexiong Yang, Xiande Xie, Xiangping Gu and Robert T. Downs
Item #AM-15-115488
CIF zipped