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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 108, no. 6   June 2023

Incorporation of chlorine in nuclear waste glasses using high-pressure vitrification: Solubility, speciation, and local environment of chlorine
Valentin Jolivet, Yann Morizet, Nicolas Trcera, Vincent Fernandez, and Tomo Suzuki-Muresan
Item #AM-23-68599
Online Material zipped

Thermal expansion of minerals in the tourmaline supergroup
Guy L. Hovis, Mario Tribaudino, Caitlin Altomare, and Ferdinando Bosi
Item #AM-23-68580
Online Material zipped

Low-temperature crystallography and vibrational properties of rozenite (FeSO4·4H2O), a candidate mineral component of the polyhydrated sulfate deposits on Mars
Johannes M. Meusburger, Karen A. Hudson-Edwards, Chiu C. Tang, Eamonn T. Connolly, Rich A. Crane, and A. Dominic Fortes
Item #AM-23-68502
CIF and Online Material zipped

Hydrothermal fluid signatures of the Yulong porphyry Cu-Mo deposit: Clues from the composition and U-Pb dating of W-bearing rutile
Qi Chen, Changming Wang, Leon Bagas, Bin Du, Kangxing Shi, and Jiaxuan Zhu
Item #AM-23-68453
Online Material zipped

Magnetic contributions to corundum-eskolaite and corundum-hematite phase equilibria: A DFT cluster expansion study
Daniel J. Pope, Aurora E. Clark, Micah P. Prange, and Kevin M. Rosso
Item #AM-23-68584
Online Material zipped

Microchemistry and magnesium isotope composition of the Purang ophiolitic chromitites (SW Tibet): New genetic inferences
Fahui Xiong, Basem Zoheir, Paul T. Robinson, Richard Wirth, Xiangzhen Xu, Tian Qiu, and Yi Sun
Item #AM-23-68392
Online Material zipped

Pyrite geochemistry in a porphyry-skarn Cu (Au) system and implications for ore formation and prospecting: Perspective from Xinqiao deposit, Eastern China
Xin Xiao, Taofa Zhou, Pete Hollings, Noel C. White, Yu Fan, Lejun Zhang, and Bin Fu
Item #AM-23-68527
Online Material zipped

UV/Vis single-crystal spectroscopic investigation of almandine-pyrope and almandine-spessartine solid solutions: Part I. Spin-forbidden Fe2+,3+ and Mn2+ electronic-transition energies, crystal chemistry, and bonding behavior
Charles A. Geiger, Michail N. Taran, and George R. Rossman
Item #AM-23-68499
Online Material zipped

Single-crystal UV/Vis optical absorption spectra of almandine-bearing and spessartine garnet: Part II. An analysis of the spin-forbidden bands of Fe2+, Mn2+, and Fe3+
Michail N. Taran, Charles A. Geiger, Oleksii A. Vyshnevskyi, and George R. Rossman
Item #AM-23-68500
Online Material zipped

Single-crystal UV/Vis absorption spectroscopy of aluminosilicate garnet: Part III. {Fe2+} + [Fe3+] → {Fe3+} + [Fe2+] intervalence charge transfer
Charles A. Geiger and Michail N. Taran
Item #AM-23-68756
Online Material zipped