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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 108, no. 7   July 2023

On the origin of fluorine-poor apatite in chondrite parent bodies
Francis M. McCubbin, Jonathan A. Lewis, Jessica J. Barnes, Jeremy W. Boyce, Juliane Gross, Molly C. McCanta, Poorna Srinivasan, Brendan A. Anzures, Nicole G. Lunning, Stephen M. Elardo, Lindsay P. Keller, Tabb C. Prissel, and Carl B. Agee
Item #AM-23-78623
Online Material zipped

Correlations between cathodoluminescence intensity and aluminum concentration in low-temperature hydrothermal quartz
Mao-Wen Yuan, Lin Li, Masroor Alam, M. Santosh, Sheng-Rong Li, and Zeng-Qian Hou
Item #AM-23-78471
Online Material and CIF zipped

Metal source and hydrothermal evolution of the Jiaoxi quartz vein-type tungsten deposit (Tibet): Insights from textural and compositional variations of wolframite and scheelite
Yong Wang, Chuankai He, Juxing Tang, Jan Marten Huizenga, Liqiang Wang, and Xinghai Lang
Item #AM-23-78440
Online Material zipped

Geochemical processes and mechanisms for cesium enrichment in a hot-spring system
Wei Wang, Shao-Yong Jiang, and Hai-Zhen Wei
Item #AM-23-78532
Online Material zipped

Identifying xenocrystic tourmaline in Himalayan leucogranites
Jinsheng Han, Huayong Chen, Haijun Xu, Olivier Nadeau, and Chang Xu
Item #AM-23-78615
Online Material zipped

Contrasting alteration textures and geochemistry of allanite from uranium-fertile and barren granites: Insights into granite-related U and ion-adsorption REE mineralization
Long Zhang, Fangyue Wang, Taofa Zhou, and Zhenyu Chen
Item #AM-23-78531
Online Material zipped

Thermal equation of state of Fe3O4 magnetite up to 16 GPa and 1100 K
Nicki C. Siersch, Giacomo Criniti, Alexander Kurnosov, Konstantin Glazyrin, and Daniele Antonangeli
Item #AM-23-78571
Online Material and CIF zipped

UHP eclogite from western Dabie records evidence of polycyclic burial during continental subduction
Bin Xia, Yunfeng Shang, Xianbin Lu, and Yuanbao Wu
Item #AM-23-78446
Online Material zipped

CO2 quantification in silicate glasses using μ-ATR FTIR spectroscopy
Maximilian Schanofski, Lennart Koch, and Burkhard C. Schmidt
Item #AM-23-78477
Online Material zipped

Local structure determination of Zn-smectite
Qi Tao, Chaogang Xing, Seungyeol Lee, Long Yang, Qingjin Zeng, Shangying Li, Tianqi Zhang, Guanglie Lv, Hongping He, and Sridhar Komarneni
Item #AM-23-78591
Online Material and CIF zipped

A new UHP unit in the Western Alps: First occurrence of coesite from the Monviso Massif (Italy)
Stefano Ghignone, Emanuele Scaramuzzo, Marco Bruno, and Franz A. Livio
Item #AM-23-78621
Online Material zipped

Mineral evolution and mineral niches of ammonium sulfates: The case of Pastora mine, Aliseda, Spain
Ángel Crespo López, Carlos Pimentel, and Carlos M. Pina
Item #AM-23-78488
Online Material zipped

Discrete late Jurassic Sn mineralizing events in the Xianghualing Ore District, South China: Constraints from cassiterite and garnet U-Pb geochronology
Kexin Wang, Degao Zhai, Anthony E. Williams-Jones, Dengfeng Li, and Jiajun Liu
Item #AM-23-78412
Online Material zipped