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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 107, no. 5   May 2022

Ab initio study of the structure and relative stability of MgSiO4H2 polymorphs at high pressures and temperatures
Natalia V. Solomatova, Razvan Caracas, Luca Bindi, and Paul D. Asimow
Item #AM-22-57937
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Magmatic volatiles and platinum-group element mineralization in the Stillwater layered intrusion, U.S.A.
Amy P. Parker, Patricia L. Clay, Alan E. Boudreau, Ray Burgess, and Brian O’Driscoll
Item #AM-22-57982
Online Material zipped

Impact of fluorine on the thermal stability of phlogopite
Jiaqi Sun, Yan Yang, Jannick Ingrin, Zhongping Wang, and Qunke Xia
Item #AM-22-58051
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Ferrous hydroxychlorides hibbingite [γ-Fe2(OH)3Cl] and parahibbingite [β-Fe2(OH)3Cl] as a concealed sink of Cl and H2O in ultrabasic and granitic systems
Peter Koděra, Juraj Majzlan, Kilian Pollok, Stefan Kiefer, František Šimko, Eva Scholtzová, Jarmila Luptáková, and Grant Cawthorn
Item #AM-22-58011
Online Material zipped

Chukochenite, (Li0.5Al0.5)Al2O4, a new lithium oxyspinel mineral from the Xianghualing skarn, Hunan Province, China
Can Rao, Xiangping Gu, Rucheng Wang, Qunke Xia, Yuanfeng Cai, Chuanwan Dong, Frédéric Hatert, and Yantao Hao
Item #AM-22-57932
CIF zipped

Ground-truthing the pyrite trace element proxy in modern euxinic settings
Daniel D. Gregory, Timothy W. Lyons, Ross R. Large, and Aleksandr S. Stepanov
Item #AM-22-58024
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Interplay between fluid circulation and Alpine metamorphism in the Monte Rosa whiteschist from white mica and quartz in situ oxygen isotope analysis by SIMS
Cindy Luisier, Lukas P. Baumgartner, Anne-Sophie Bouvier, and Benita Putlitz
Item #AM-22-57523
Online Material zipped

Synthesis, structure, and single-crystal elasticity of Al-bearing superhydrous phase B
Xinyang Li, Sergio Speziale, Konstantin Glazyrin, Franziska D.H. Wilke, Hanns-Peter Liermann, and Monika Koch-Müller
Item #AM-22-57989
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Oxygen isotope heterogeneity of olivine crystals in orogenic peridotites from Songshugou, North Qinling Orogen: Petrogenesis and geodynamic implications
Hong Yu, Hong-Fu Zhang, Haibo Zou, and Ji-Feng Xu
Item #AM-22-57990
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Effects of arsenic on the distribution and mode of occurrence of gold during fluid-pyrite interaction: A case study of pyrite from the Qiucun gold deposit, China
He Zhang, Yuanfeng Cai, Gang Sha, Joël Brugger, Allan Pring, Pei Ni, Gujie Qian, Zhenjiao Luo, Yang Zhang, and Wei Tan
Item #AM-22-57675
CIF and Online Material zipped

Xuite, Ca3Fe2[(Al,Fe)O3(OH)]3, a new mineral of the garnet group: Implications for the wide occurrence of nanominerals
Seungyeol Lee and Xiaofeng Guo
Item #AM-22-58023
CIF and Online Material zipped

Raman spectroscopy-based screening of zircon for reliable water content and oxygen isotope measurements
Chuan-Mao Yang, Yi-Gang Xu, Xiao-Ping Xia, Yu-Ya Gao, Wan-Feng Zhang, Ya-Nan Yang, Qing Yang, and Le Zhang
Item #AM-22-58075
Online Material zipped

Halogen (F, Cl, Br, I) contents in silt and clay fractions of a Cambisol from a temperate forest
Tatjana Epp, Michael A.W. Marks, Harald Neidhardt, Yvonne Oelmann, and Gregor Markl
Item #AM-22-57600
Online Material zipped

Resolving sub-micrometer-scale zonation of trace elements in quartz using TOF-SIMS
Ryan North, Dominique Tanner, Mitchell Nancarrow, Bozana Pasic, and John A. Mavrogenes
Item #AM-22-57896
Online Material zipped

Hexagonal magnetite in Algoma-type banded iron formations of the ca. 2.52 Ga Baizhiyan Formation, North China: Evidence for a green rust precursor?
Longfei Sun, Maxwell Lechte, Xiaoying Shi, Xiqiang Zhou, Limin Zhou, Hao Fang, Baozeng Xie, Mengting Wu, and Dongjie Tang
Item #AM-22-57981
Online Material zipped