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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 107, no. 7   July 2022

Density determination of liquid iron-nickel-sulfur at high pressure
Saori I. Kawaguchi, Guillaume Morard, Yasuhiro Kuwayama, Kei Hirose, Naohisa Hirao, and Yasuo Ohishi
Item #AM-22-77924
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On the paragenetic modes of minerals: A mineral evolution perspective
Robert M. Hazen and Shaunna M. Morrison
Item #AM-22-78099
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Lumping and splitting: Toward a classification of mineral natural kinds
Robert M. Hazen, Shaunna M. Morrison, Sergey V. Krivovichev, and Robert T. Downs
Item #AM-22-78105
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Thermal expansion of minerals in the amphibole supergroup
Mario Tribaudino, Guy L. Hovis, Christine Almer, and Amanda Leaman
Item #AM-22-77988
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A multi-faceted experimental study on the dynamic behavior of MgSiO3 glass in the Earth’s deep interior
Young Jay Ryu, Yanbin Wang, Tony Yu, Fiona Bonnet, Eran Greenberg, Clemens Prescher, Vitali B. Prakapenka, Sergey Tkachev, Peter Eng, Joanne E. Stubbs, Przemyslaw Dera, Heather Watson, and Mark L. Rivers
Item #AM-22-77969
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Origin of β-cristobalite in Libyan Desert Glass: The hottest naturally occurring silica polymorph?
Aaron J. Cavosie, William D.A. Rickard, Noreen J. Evans, Kai Rankenburg, Malcolm Roberts, Catherine A. Macris, and Christian Koeberl
Item #AM-22-77922
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Reexamination of the structure of opal-A: A combined study of synchrotron X-ray diffraction and pair distribution function analysis
Seungyeol Lee, Huifang Xu, and Hongwu Xu
Item #AM-22-78017
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Inclusions in calcite phantom crystals suggest role of clay minerals in dolomite formation
Stefan Farsang, Péter Pekker, Giulio I. Lampronti, Zsombor Molnár, Rastislav Milovský, Mihály Pósfai, Daniel Ozdín, Timothy D. Raub, and Simon A.T. Redfern
Item #AM-22-77483
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Crystal-chemical reinvestigation of probertite, CaNa[B5O7(OH)4]·3H2O, a mineral commodity of boron
G. Diego Gatta, Enrico Cannaò, Valentina Gagliardi, and Oscar Fabelo
Item #AM-22-78086
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Crystal structure determination of orthorhombic variscite2O and its derivative AlPO4 structure at high temperature
Matteo Ardit, Brian L. Phillips, and David L. Bish
Item #AM-22-78119
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Transformation of Fe-bearing minerals from Dongsheng sandstone-type uranium deposit, Ordos Basin, north-central China: Implications for ore genesis
Liang Yue, Yangquan Jiao, Mostafa Fayek, Liqun Wu, Hui Rong, and Huili Xie
Item #AM-22-77888
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Vaterite in a decrepitated diamond-bearing inclusion in zircon from a stromatic migmatite in the Chinese Sulu ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic belt
Chenhui Fei and Jingbo Liu
Item #AM-22-77940
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Oxygen diffusion in garnet: Experimental calibration and implications for timescales of metamorphic processes and retention of primary O isotopic signatures
Maria Rosa Scicchitano, Michael C. Jollands, Ian S. Williams, Jörg Hermann, Daniela Rubatto, Noriko T. Kita, William O. Nachlas, John W. Valley, Stéphane Escrig, and Anders Meibom
Item #AM-22-77970
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Oxidation state of iron and Fe-Mg partitioning between olivine and basaltic martian melts
Andrew K. Matzen, Alan Woodland, John R. Beckett, and Bernard J. Wood
Item #AM-22-77682
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