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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 106, no. 11   Nov 2021

Spectroscopic evidence for the Fe3+ spin transition in iron-bearing δ-AlOOH at high pressure
Xiaowan Su, Chaoshuai Zhao, Liangxu Xu, Chaojia Lv, Xitong Song, Takayuki Ishii, Yuming Xiao, Paul Chow, Qiang Sun, and Jin Liu
Item #AM-21-117541
Online Material zipped

Interfacial structures and acidity constants of goethite from first-principles Molecular Dynamics simulations
Yingchun Zhang, Xiandong Liu, Jun Cheng, and Xiancai Lu
Item #AM-21-117835
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Sound velocities of iron-nickel (Fe90Ni10) alloy up to 8 GPa and 773 K: The effect of nickel on the elastic properties of bcc-iron at high P-T
Siheng Wang, Nao Cai, Xintong Qi, Sibo Chen, and Baosheng Li
Item #AM-21-117716
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Formation of metallic-Cu-bearing mineral assemblages in type-3 ordinary and CO chondrites
Ye Li, Alan E. Rubin, and Weibiao Hsu
Item #AM-21-117689
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Behavior and origin of hydrogen defects in natural orthopyroxene during high-temperature processes
Yan Yang, Jannick Ingrin, Wendi Liu, Weihua Huang, Xiaoyan Gu, and Qunke Xia
Item #AM-21-117741
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Strain-induced partial serpentinization of germanate olivine with a small amount of water
Sando Sawa, Nobuyoshi Miyajima, Jun Muto, and Hiroyuki Nagahama
Item #AM-21-117735
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The origin of trapiche-like inclusion patterns in quartz from Inner Mongolia, China
Gabriela A. Farfan, John Rakovan, Michael R. Ackerson, Benjamin J. Andrews, and Jeffrey E. Post
Item #AM-21-117454
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Formation of clinohumite ± spinel in dolomitic marbles from the Makrohar Granulite Belt, Central India: Evidence for Ti mobility during regional metamorphism
Shreya Karmakar
Item #AM-21-117755
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Johnkoivulaite, Cs(Be2B)Mg2Si6O18, a new mineral of the beryl group from the gem deposits of Mogok, Myanmar
Aaron C. Palke, Lawrence M. Henling, Chi Ma, George R. Rossman, Ziyin Sun, Nathan Renfro, Anthony R. Kampf, Kyaw Thu, Nay Myo, Patcharee Wongrawang, and Vararut Weeramonkhonlert
Item #AM-21-117785
CIF zipped