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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 105, no. 9   Sep 2020

Characterizing low-temperature aqueous alteration of Mars-analog basalts from Mauna Kea at multiple scales
Brandon P. Rasmussen, Wendy M. Calvin, Bethany L. Ehlmann, Thomas F. Bristow, Nicole Lautze, Abigail A. Fraeman, and Joel W. DesOrmeau
Item #AM-20-97131
Supplemental Material zipped

Archean to Paleoproterozoic seawater halogen ratios recorded by fluid inclusions in chert and hydrothermal quartz
Ray Burgess, Sarah L. Goldsmith, Hirochika Sumino, Jamie D. Gilmour, Bernard Marty, Magali Pujol, and Kurt O. Konhauser
Item #AM-20-97238
Supplemental Material zipped

Metasomatism-controlled hydrogen distribution in the Spitsbergen upper mantle
Wenting Tang, Hejiu Hui, Dmitri A. Ionov, Wei Chen, Lisha Zhang, and Yongjiang Xu
Item #AM-20-97290
Supplemental Figures. zipped

Phase transformation of hydrous ringwoodite to the lower-mantle phases and the formation of dense hydrous silica
Huawei Chen, Kurt Leinenweber, Vitali Prakapenka, Martin Kunz, Hans A. Bechtel, Zhenxian Liu, and Sang-Heon Shim
Item #AM-20-97261
Supplemental Material zipped

Density and sound velocity of liquid Fe-S alloys at Earth’s outer core P-T conditions
Jie Fu, Lingzhi Cao, Xiangmei Duan, and Anatoly B. Belonoshko
Item #AM-20-97349
Supplemental Material zipped

Some geometrical properties of fission-track-surface intersections in apatite
Raymond Jonckheere, Carolin Aslanian, Bastian Wauschkuhn, and Lothar Ratschbacher
Item #AM-20-97271
Supplemental Material zipped

Thermal equation of state of post-aragonite CaCO3-Pmmn
Mingda Lv, Jiachao Liu, Eran Greenberg, Vitali B. Prakapenka, and Susannah M. Dorfman
Item #AM-20-97279
Supplemental Figure and Table. zipped

Structure of NaFeSiO4, NaFeSi2O6, and NaFeSi3O8 glasses and glass-ceramics
Mostafa Ahmadzadeh, Alex Scrimshire, Lucy Mottram, Martin C. Stennett, Neil C. Hyatt, Paul A. Bingham, and John S. McCloy
Item #AM-20-97285
Supplemental Material zipped

Morin-type transition in 5C pyrrhotite
Charles R.S. Haines, Giulio I. Lampronti, Wim T. Klooster, Simon J. Coles, Sian E. Dutton, and Michael A. Carpenter
Item #AM-20-97266
CIF and Supplemental Material. zipped

The formation of marine red beds and iron cycling on the Mesoproterozoic North China Platform
Dongjie Tang, Jianbai Ma, Xiaoying Shi, Maxwell Lechte, and Xiqiang Zhou
Item #AM-20-97406
Supplemental Table zipped

A multi-methodological study of kernite, a mineral commodity of boron
G. Diego Gatta, Alessandro Guastoni, Paolo Lotti, Giorgio Guastella, Oscar Fabelo, and Maria Teresa Fernandez-Diaz
Item #AM-20-97433
Supplemental Tables zipped

Si-rich Mg-sursassite Mg4Al5Si7O23(OH)5 with octahedrally coordinated Si: A new ultrahigh-pressure hydrous phase
Luca Bindi, Mark D. Welch, Aleksandra A. Bendeliani, and Andrey V. Bobrov
Item #AM-20-97533
CIF zipped

Inherited Eocene magmatic tourmaline captured by the Miocene Himalayan leucogranites
Jinsheng Han, Pete Hollings, Fred Jourdan, Yunchuan Zeng, and Huayong Chen
Item #AM-20-97608
Supplemental Material zipped