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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 105, no. 11   Nov 2020

Parageneses of TiB2 in corundum xenoliths from Mt. Carmel, Israel: Siderophile behavior of boron under reducing conditions
William L. Griffin, Sarah E.M. Gain, Martin Saunders, Luca Bindi, Olivier Alard, Vered Toledo, and Suzanne Y. O’Reilly
Item #AM-20-117375
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Crystal structure and Raman spectroscopic studies of OH stretching vibrations in Zn-rich fluor-elbaite
Adam Pieczka, Andreas Ertl, Bożena Gołębiowska, Piotr Jeleń, Jakub Kotowski, Krzysztof Nejbert, Marcin Stachowicz, and Gerald Giester
Item #AM-20-117360
CIF zipped

Crystal structure of Ag-exchanged levyne intergrown with erionite: Single-crystal X-ray diffraction and Molecular Dynamics simulations
Georgia Cametti and Sergey V. Churakov
Item #AM-20-117500
CIF and Supplemental Material zipped

Br diffusion in phonolitic melts: Comparison with fluorine and chlorine diffusion
Hélène Balcone-Boissard, Don R. Baker, Benoit Villemant, Jean Cauzid, Georges Boudon, and E. Deloule
Item #AM-20-117372
Supplemental Material zipped

Crystal chemistry and microfeatures of gadolinite imprinted by pegmatite formation and alteration evolution
Nenad Tomašić, Radek Škoda, Vladimir Bermanec, and Marin Šoufek
Item #AM-20-117355
Supplemental Material zipped

A new occurrence of corundum in eucrite and its significance
Jie-Ya Li, Ai-Cheng Zhang, Naoya Sakamoto, Hisayoshi Yurimoto, and Li-Xin Gu
Item #AM-20-117361
Supplemental Material zipped

Zircon survival in shallow asthenosphere and deep lithosphere
Anastassia Y. Borisova, Ilya N. Bindeman, Michael J. Toplis, Nail R. Zagrtdenov, Jérémy Guignard, Oleg G. Safonov, Andrew Y. Bychkov, Svyatoslav Shcheka, Oleg E. Melnik, Marion Marchelli, and Jerome Fehrenbach
Item #AM-20-117402
Supplemental Material zipped

Reconsidering initial Pb in titanite in the context of in situ dating
Chloë E. Bonamici and Tyler B. Blum
Item #AM-20-117274
Supplemental Material zipped

Solubility of Na2SO4 in silica-saturated solutions: Implications for REE mineralization
Huan Chen, Hao Cui, Richen Zhong, Yuling Xie, Chang Yu, Zimeng Li, and Yifan Ling
Item #AM-20-117470
Supplemental Material zipped

Vanadium micro-XANES determination of oxygen fugacity in olivine-hosted glass inclusion and groundmass glasses of martian primitive shergottite Yamato 980459
Ryoichi Nakada, Tomohiro Usui, Masashi Ushioda, and Yoshio Takahashi
Item #AM-20-117321
Supplemental Material zipped

Donwilhelmsite, [CaAl4Si2O11], a new lunar high-pressure Ca-Al-silicate with relevance for subducted terrestrial sediments
Jörg Fritz, Ansgar Greshake, Mariana Klementova, Richard Wirth, Lukas Palatinus, Reidar G. Trønnes, Vera Assis Fernandes, Ute Böttger, and Ludovic Ferrière
Item #AM-20-117393
CIF and Supplemental Material zipped

Magnetite texture and trace-element geochemistry fingerprint of pulsed mineralization in the Xinqiao Cu-Fe-Au deposit, Eastern China
Yu Zhang, Pete Hollings, Yongjun Shao, Dengfeng Li, Huayong Chen, and Hongbin Li
Item #AM-20-117414
Supplemental Material zipped

Magmatic haggertyite in olivine lamproites of the West Kimberley region, Western Australia
A. Lynton Jaques, Frank Brink, and Jiang Chen
Item #AM-20-117456
Supplemental Material zipped

Trace elements in sulfides from the Maozu Pb-Zn deposit, Yunnan Province, China: Implications for trace-element incorporation mechanisms and ore genesis
Zhenli Li, Lin Ye, Yusi Hu, Chen Wei, Zhilong Huang, Yulong Yang, and Leonid Danyushevsky
Item #AM-20-116950
Supplemental Material zipped

New pressure-induced phase transition to Co2Si-type Fe2P
Yoichi Nakajima, Shunya Araki, Daisuke Kinoshita, Kei Hirose, Shigehiko Tateno, Saori I. Kawaguchi, and Naohisa Hirao
Item #AM-20-117574
Supplemental Material zipped