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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 105, no. 5   May 2020

Texture constraints on crystal size distribution methodology: An application to the Laki fissure eruption
Kim A. Cone, Richard F. Wendlandt, Katharina Pfaff, and Omero F. Orlandini
Item #AM-20-57007
Supplemental Material zipped

Abiotic and biotic processes that drive carboxylation and decarboxylation reactions
Cody S. Sheik, H. James Cleaves, Kristin Johnson-Finn, Donato Giovanelli, Thomas L. Kieft, Dominic Papineau, Matthew O. Schrenk, and Simone Tumiati
Item #AM-20-57166
Supplemental Material zipped

A structural study of size-dependent lattice variation: In situ X-ray diffraction of the growth of goethite nanoparticles from 2-line ferrihydrite
Peter J. Heaney, Matthew J. Oxman, and Si Athena Chen
Item #AM-20-57217
Supplemental Material zipped

The quintet completed: The partitioning of sulfur between nominally volatile-free minerals and silicate melts
Sara Callegaro, Kalotina Geraki, Andrea Marzoli, Angelo De Min, Victoria Maneta, and Don R. Baker
Item #AM-20-57188
Supplemental Material zipped

Formation of native arsenic in hydrothermal base metal deposits and related supergene U6+ enrichment: The Michael vein near Lahr, SW Germany
Manuel Scharrer, Katharina Sandritter, Benjamin F. Walter, Udo Neumann, and Gregor Markl
Item #AM-20-57062
Supplemental Material zipped

Lingbaoite, AgTe3, a new silver telluride from the Xiaoqinling gold district, central China
Wei Jian, Jinwen Mao, Bernd Lehmann, Yanhe Li, Huishou Ye, Jianhui Cai, and Zongyan Li
Item #AM-20-57167
Supplemental Material zipped

Oxygen isotope fractionation between gypsum and its formation waters: Implications for past chemistry of the Kawah Ijen volcanic lake, Indonesia
Sri Budhi Utami, Vincent J. van Hinsberg, Bassam Ghaleb, and Arnold E. van Dijk
Item #AM-20-57298
Supplemental Material zipped

Asmaa Boujibar
Item #AM-20-5E105513
Supplemental Material zipped