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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 105, no. 1   January 2020

New insights into the evolution of Mississippi Valley-Type hydrothermal system: A case study of the Wusihe Pb-Zn deposit, South China, using quartz in-situ trace elements and sulfides in situ S-Pb isotopes
Kai Luo, Jia-Xi Zhou, Zhi-Long Huang, John Caulfield, Jian-Xin Zhao, Yue-Xing Feng, and Hegen Ouyang
Item #AM-20-17021
Supplemental Material zipped

Hornblende as a tool for assessing mineral-melt equilibrium and recognition of crystal accumulation
Kevin Werts, Calvin G. Barnes, Valbone Memeti, Barbara Ratschbacher, Dustin Williams, and Scott R. Paterson
Item #AM-20-16972
Supplemental Material and Figures zipped

The role of clay minerals in formation of the regolith-hosted heavy rare earth element deposits
Martin Yan Hei Li and Mei-Fu Zhou
Item #AM-20-17061
Supplemental Material and Tables zipped

The tetrahedrite group: Nomenclature and classification
Cristian Biagioni, Luke L. George, Nigel J. Cook, Emil Makovicky, Yves Moëlo, Marco Pasero, Jiří Sejkora, Chris J. Stanley, Mark D. Welch, and Ferdinando Bosi
Item #AM-20-17128
CIF zipped

Caseyite, a new mineral containing a variant of the flat-Al13 polyoxometalate cation
Anthony R. Kampf, Mark A. Cooper, John M. Hughes, Barbara P. Nash, Frank C. Hawthorne, and Joe Marty
Item #AM-20-17181
CIF and Supplemental Tables zipped

Incorporation of Mg in phase Egg, AlSiO3OH: Toward a new polymorph of phase H, MgSiH2O4, a carrier of water in the deep mantle 2 4
Luca Bindi, Aleksandra Bendeliani, Andrey Bobrov, Ekaterina Matrosova, and Tetsuo Irifune
Item #AM-20-17204
CIF zipped

Imaging trace-element zoning in pyroxenes using synchrotron XRF mapping with the Maia detector array: Benefit of low-incident energy
Stephen J. Barnes, David Paterson, Teresa Ubide, Louise E. Schoneveld, Chris Ryan, and Margaux Le Vaillant
Item #AM-20-17228
Supplemental Figures zipped