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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 104, no. 9   September 2019

U, Th, and K partitioning between metal, silicate, and sulfide and implications for Mercury’s structure, volatile content, and radioactive heat production
Asmaa Boujibar, Mya Habermann, Kevin Righter, D. Kent Ross, Kellye Pando, Minako Righter, Bethany A. Chidester, and Lisa R. Danielson
Item #AM-19-97000
Supplemental Table zipped

Valleyite: A new magnetic mineral with the sodalite-type structure
Seungyeol Lee, Huifang Xu, Hongwu Xu, Ryan Jacobs, and Dane Morgan
Item #AM-19-96856
Supplemental Material and CIF zipped

An analysis of the magnetic behavior of olivine and garnet substitutional solid solutions
Charles A. Geiger, Michael Grodzicki, and Edgar Dachs
Item #AM-19-96839
Supplemental Figure zipped

Pyrite trace-element and sulfur isotope geochemistry of paleo-mesoproterozoic McArthur Basin: Proxy for oxidative weathering
Indrani Mukherjee, Ross R. Large, Stuart Bull, Daniel G. Gregory, Aleksandr S. Stepanov, Janaína Ávila, Trevor R. Ireland, and Ross Corkrey
Item #AM-19-96873
Supplemental Material. zipped

Compressional behavior and spin state of δ-(Al,Fe)OOH at high pressures
Itaru Ohira, Jennifer M. Jackson, Natalia V. Solomatova, Wolfgang Sturhahn, Gregory J. Finkelstein, Seiji Kamada, Takaaki Kawazoe, Fumiya Maeda, Naohisa Hirao, Satoshi Nakano, Thomas S. Toellner, Akio Suzuki, and Eiji Ohtani
Item #AM-19-96913
CIF zipped

Reconstruction of the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary zone beneath Ichinomegata maar, Northeast Japan, by geobarometry of spinel peridotite xenoliths
Yuto Sato and Kazuhito Ozawa
Item #AM-19-96858
Supplemental Tables and Figures zipped

High-pressure phase stability and elasticity of ammonia hydrate
Xinyang Li, Weigang Shi, Xiaodi Liu, and Zhu Mao
Item #AM-19-97057
Supplemental Material zipped

A multi-methodological study of kurnakovite: A potential B-rich aggregate
G. Diego Gatta, Alessandro Guastoni, Paolo Lotti, Giorgio Guastella, Oscar Fabelo, and Maria Teresa Fernandez-Diaz
Item #AM-19-97072
CIF and Supplemental Tables S1–S3 zipped

Nixonite, Na2Ti6O13, a new mineral from a metasomatized mantle garnet pyroxenite from the western Rae Craton, Darby kimberlite field, Canada
Chiara Anzolini, Fei Wang, Garrett A. Harris, Andrew J. Locock, Dongzhou Zhang, Fabrizio Nestola, Luca Peruzzo, Steven D. Jacobsen, and D. Graham Pearson
Item #AM-19-97023
Supplemental Material zipped

Goldschmidtite, (K,REE,Sr)(Nb,Cr)O3: A new perovskite supergroup mineral found in diamond from Koffiefontein, South Africa
Nicole A. Meyer, Michelle D. Wenz, James P.S. Walsh, Steven D. Jacobsen, Andrew J. Locock, and Jeffrey W. Harris
Item #AM-19-96937
CIF zipped

Edscottite, Fe5C2, a new iron carbide mineral from the Ni-rich Wedderburn IAB iron meteorite
Chi Ma and Alan E. Rubin
Item #AM-19-97102
Supplemental Material zipped

The stability of Fe5O6 and Fe4O5 at high pressure and temperature
Koutaro Hikosaka, Ryosuke Sinmyo, Kei Hirose, Takayuki Ishii, and Yasuo Ohishi
Item #AM-19-97097
Supplemental Material zipped