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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 104, no. 6   June 2019

The composition and mineralogy of rocky exoplanets: A survey of >4000 stars from the Hypatia Catalog
Keith D. Putirka and John C. Rarick
Item #AM-19-66787
Supplemental Tables zipped

New insights into the zircon-reidite phase transition
Claudia Stangarone, Ross J. Angel, Mauro Prencipe, Boriana Mihailova, and Matteo Alvaro
Item #AM-19-66827
Supplemental Material and CIFs zipped

The effects of contrasting Ti and Al activities on Mn/Fe systematics in pyroxene from lunar mare basalts
James J. Papike, Steven B. Simon, and Charles K. Shearer
Item #AM-19-66875
Supplemental Tables zipped

The condensation temperatures of the elements: A reappraisal
Bernard J. Wood, Duane J. Smythe, and Thomas Harrison
Item #AM-19-66852
Supplemental Tables zipped

Estimation of radiation damage in titanites using Raman spectroscopy
Beatrix Muriel Heller, Nils Keno Lünsdorf, István Dunkl, Ferenc Molnár, and Hilmar von Eynatten
Item #AM-19-66681
Supplemental Appendices zipped

Re-configuration and interaction of hydrogen sites in olivine at high temperature and high pressure
Yan Yang, Wendi Liu, Zeming Qi, ZhongPing Wang, Joseph R. Smyth, and Qunke Xia
Item #AM-19-66921
Supplemental Figures zipped

High-pressure phase transitions of clinoenstatite
John D. Lazarz, Przemyslaw Dera, Yi Hu, Yue Meng, Craig R. Bina, and Steven D. Jacobsen
Item #AM-19-66740
CIF zipped

Compressibility of two Na-rich clinopyroxenes: A synchrotron single-crystal X-ray diffraction study
Ekaterina A. Matrosova, Leyla Ismailova, Andrey V. Bobrov, Elena Bykova, Maxim Bykov, Konstantin Glazyrin, Luca Bindi, Sergey V. Ovsyannikov, Sergey M. Aksenov, Dmitry Yu. Pushcharovsky, and Leonid Dubrovinsky
Item #AM-19-66658
CIF and Supplemental Material zipped