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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 104, no. 8   August 2019

Metamorphism and the evolution of subduction on Earth
Michael Brown and Tim Johnson
Item #AM-19-86956
Supplemental Figures zipped

Comparison of fluid processes in coexisting wolframite and quartz from a giant vein-type tungsten deposit, South China: Insights from detailed petrography and LA-ICP-MS analysis of fluid inclusions
Jun-Yi Pan, Pei Ni, and Ru-Cheng Wang
Item #AM-19-86958
Supplemental Figures and Tables zipped

Monazite and xenotime solubility in hydrous, boron-bearing rhyolitic melt
Monika K. Rusiecka and Don R. Baker
Item #AM-19-86931
Supplemental Material zipped

Solving the iron quantification problem in low-kV EPMA: An essential step toward improved analytical spatial resolution in electron probe microanalysis—Olivines
Aurélien Moy, John H. Fournelle, and Anette von der Handt
Item #AM-19-86865
Supplemental Figures and Tables zipped

Transition metals in komatiitic olivine: Proxies for mantle composition, redox conditions, and sulfide mineralization potential
Marek Locmelis, Ricardo D. Arevalo Jr., Igor S. Puchtel, Marco L. Fiorentini, and Euan G. Nisbet
Item #AM-19-86914
Supplemental Material zipped

Formation of saponite by hydrothermal alteration of metal oxides: Implication for the rarity of hydrotalcite
Qi Tao, Qingjin Zeng, Manyou Chen, Hongping He, and Sridhar Komarneni
Item #AM-19-87043
Supplemental Material zipped

Pressure-induced velocity softening in natural orthopyroxene at mantle temperature
Siheng Wang, Ting Chen, Nao Cai, Xintong Qi, Adrian Fiege, Robert C. Liebermann, and Baosheng Li
Item #AM-19-86935
Supplemental Material zipped

The role of mineral nanoparticles at a fluid-magnetite interface: Implications for trace-element uptake in hydrothermal systems
Shuo Yin, Richard Wirth, Changqian Ma, and Jiannan Xu
Item #AM-19-86996
Supplemental Figure zipped

Melting temperature depression due to the electronic spin transition of iron
Jie Deng and Kanani K.M. Lee
Item #AM-19-86948
Supplemental Material zipped

Epidote spherulites and radial euhedral epidote aggregates in a greenschist facies metavolcanic breccia hosting an UHP eclogite in Dabieshan (China): Implication for dynamic metamorphism
An-Ping Chen, Jian-Jun Yang, Da-Lai Zhong, Yong-Hong Shi, and Jing-Bo Liu
Item #AM-19-86980
Supplemental Material zipped

A new (Mg0.5Fe3+0.5)(Si0.5Al3+0.5)O3 LiNbO3-type phase synthesized at lower mantle conditions
Zhaodong Liu, Leonid Dubrovinsky, Catherine McCammon, Sergey V. Ovsyannikov, Iuliia Koemets, Luyao Chen, Qi Cui, Na Su, Jinguang Cheng, Tian Cui, Bingbing Liu, and Tomoo Katsura
Item #AM-19-87070
CIF zipped