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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 104, no. 4   April 2019

In-situ iron isotope analyses reveal igneous and magmatic-hydrothermal growth of magnetite at the Los Colorados Kiruna-type iron oxide-apatite deposit, Chile
Jaayke L. Knipping, Adrian Fiege, Adam C. Simon, Martin Oeser, Martin Reich, and Laura D. Bilenker
Item #AM-19-46623
Supplemental Material zipped

Carbon and nitrogen isotopes and mineral inclusions in diamonds from chromitites of the Mirdita ophiolite 
(Albania) demonstrate recycling of oceanic crust into the mantle
Weiwei Wu, Jingsui Yang, Richard Wirth, Jianping Zheng, Dongyang Lian, Tian Qiu, and Ibrahim Milushi
Item #AM-19-46751
Supplemental Material zipped

Geochronology and trace element mobility in rutile from a Carboniferous syenite pegmatite and the role of halogens
Georgia Pe-Piper, Justin Nagle, David J.W. Piper, and Chris R.M. McFarlane
Item #AM-19-46668
Supplemental Figures and Tables zipped

The incorporation of chlorine into calcium amphibole
David M. Jenkins
Item #AM-19-46768
Supplemental Figures and Tables zipped

Crystal size distribution of amphibole grown from hydrous basaltic melt at 0.6–2.6 GPa and 860–970 °C
Bo Zhang, Xianxu Hu, Paul D. Asimow, Xin Zhang, Jingui Xu, Dawei Fan, and Wenge Zhou
Item #AM-19-46759
Supplemental Table zipped

Role of micropores, mass transfer, and reaction rate in the hydrothermal alteration process of plagioclase in a granitic pluton
Takashi Yuguchi, Kaho Shoubuzawa, Yasuhiro Ogita, Koshi Yagi, Masayuki Ishibashi, Eiji Sasao, and Tadao Nishiyama
Item #AM-19-46786
Supplemental Tables, Figures, and Appendices zipped

Lead diffusion in CaTiO3: A combined study using Rutherford backscattering and TOF-SIMS for depth profiling to reveal the role of lattice strain in diffusion processes
Christopher Beyer, Ralf Dohmen, Detlef Rogalla, Hans-Werner Becker, Katharina Marquardt, Christian Vollmer, Ulrich Hagemann, Nils Hartmann, and Sumit Chakraborty
Item #AM-19-46730
Supplemental Electronic Annex zipped

On growth and form of etched fission tracks in apatite: 
A kinetic approach
Raymond Jonckheere, Bastian Wauschkuhn, and Lothar Ratschbacher
Item #AM-19-46762
Supplemental Figures zipped

High-pressure behavior of liebenbergite: The most incompressible olivine-structured silicate
Dongzhou Zhang, Yi Hu, Jingui Xu, Robert T. Downs, Julia E. Hammer, and Przemyslaw K. Dera
Item #AM-19-46680
Supplemental Material and CIF zipped

Cation ordering, valence states, and symmetry breaking in the crystal-chemically complex mineral chevkinite-(Ce): X-ray diffraction and photoelectron spectroscopy studies and mechanisms of Nb enrichment
Marcin Stachowicz, Bogusław Bagiński, Mark D. Welch, Pavel M. Kartashov, Ray Macdonald, Jacek Balcerzak, Jacek Tyczkowski, and Krzysztof Woźniak
Item #AM-19-46457
Supplemental Table and CIF zipped

Meyrowitzite, Ca(UO2)(CO3)2·5H2O, a new mineral with a novel uranyl-carbonate sheet
Anthony R. Kampf, Jakub Plášil, Travis A. Olds, Barbara P. Nash, Joe Marty, and Harvey E. Belkin
Item #AM-19-46814
Supplemental Figure and CIF zipped

Discovery of the first natural hydride
Luca Bindi, Fernando Cámara, William L. Griffin, Jin-Xiang Huang, Sarah E.M. Gain, Vered Toledo, and Suzanne Y. O’Reilly
Item #AM-19-46949
CIF zipped

Synthesis of pigeonites for spectroscopic studies
Donald H. Lindsley, Hanna Nekvasil, and Timothy D. Glotch
Item #AM-19-46869
Supplemental Material and Tables zipped