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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 103, no. 4   April 2018

A Mössbauer-based XANES calibration for hydrous basalt glasses reveals radiation-induced oxidation of Fe
Elizabeth Cottrell, Antonio Lanzirotti, Bjorn Mysen, Suzanne Birner, Katherine A. Kelley, Roman Botcharnikov, Fred A. Davis, and Matthew Newville
Item #AM-18-46268
Supplemental Material and Figures zipped

Craters of the Moon National Monument basalts as unshocked compositional and weathering analogs for martian rocks and meteorites
Christopher T. Adcock, Arya Udry, Elisabeth M. Hausrath, and Oliver Tschauner
Item #AM-18-46193
Supplemental Figures and Tables zipped

Characterizing the source of potentially asbestos-bearing commercial vermiculite insulation using in situ IR spectroscopy
Gregg A. Swayze, Heather A. Lowers, William M. Benzel, Roger N. Clark, Rhonda L. Driscoll, Zac S. Perlman, Todd M. Hoefen, and M. Darby Dyar
Item #AM-18-46022
Appendix zipped

New petrological, geochemical, and geochronological perspectives on andesite-dacite magma genesis at Ruapehu volcano, New Zealand
Chris E. Conway, John A. Gamble, Colin J.N. Wilson, Graham S. Leonard, Dougal B. Townsend, and Andrew T. Calvert
Item #AM-18-46199
Supplemental Material zipped

Combined Fe-Mg chemical and isotopic zoning in olivine constraining magma mixing-to-eruption timescales for the continental arc volcano Irazú (Costa Rica) and Cr diffusion in olivine
Martin Oeser, Philipp Ruprecht, and Stefan Weyer
Item #AM-18-46258
Supplemental Material zipped

Feldspar Raman shift and application as a magmatic thermobarometer
Kenneth S. Befus, Jung-Fu Lin, Miguel Cisneros, and Suyu Fu
Item #AM-18-46157
Supplemental Table zipped

Cesium adsorption isotherm on swelling high-charged micas from aqueous solutions: Effect of temperature
Francisco J. Osuna, Agustín Cota, Esperanza Pavón, M. Carolina Pazos, and María D. Alba
Item #AM-18-46203
Supplemental Material zipped

Ni-serpentine nanoflakes in the garnierite ore from Campello Monti (Strona Valley, Italy): Népouite with some pecoraite outlines and the processing of Ni-containing ore bodies
Gian Carlo Capitani and Gennaro Ventruti
Item #AM-18-46229
Supplemental Material zipped