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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 101, no. 8   August 2016

Crystal accumulation in a tilted arc batholith
Calvin G. Barnes, Nolwenn Coint, and Aaron Yoshinobu
Item #AM-16-85404
Electronic Supplement. Deposit zipped

The crystal structure of svabite, Ca5(AsO4)3F, an arsenate member of the apatite supergroup
Cristian Biagioni, Ferdinando Bosi, Ulf Hålenius, and Marco Pasero
Item #AM-16-85636
CIF and Supplemental Material zipped

Fluorapatite-monazite-allanite relations in the Grängesberg apatite-iron oxide ore district, Bergslagen, Sweden
Erik Jonsson, Daniel E. Harlov, Jarosław Majka, Karin Högdahl, and Katarina Persson-Nilsson
Item #AM-16-85655
Supplemental Appendices zipped

Solid solution in the apatite OH-Cl binary system: Compositional dependence of solid-solution mechanisms in calcium phosphate apatites along the Cl-OH binary
John M. Hughes, Daniel Harlov, Sean R. Kelly, John Rakovan, and Max Wilke
Item #AM-16-85674
Supplementary Tables and CIF zipped

Dissolution-reprecipitation metasomatism and growth of zircon within phosphatic garnet in metapelites from western Massachusetts
Emily M. Peterman, David R. Snoeyenbos, Michael J. Jercinovic, and Andrew Kylander-Clark
Item #AM-16-85524
Supplemental Tables and Figures zipped

Origin and petrogenetic implications of anomalous olivine from a Cascade forearc basalt
M.C. Rowe and F.J. Tepley III
Item #AM-16-85651
Supplemental Data Tables zipped

Monazite age constraints on the tectono-thermal evolution of the central Appalachian Piedmont
Howell Bosbyshell, LeeAnn Srogi, and Gale C. Blackmer
Item #AM-16-85482
Supplemental Materials and Table 4 zipped

Location and stability of europium in calcium sulfate and its relevance to rare earth recovery from phosphogypsum waste
Radha Shivaramaiah, Wingyee Lee, Alexandra Navrotsky, Dechao Yu, Paul Kim, Haohan Wu, Zhichao Hu, Richard Riman, and Andrzej Anderko
Item #AM-16-85684
Supplemental Material zipped

Effects of differential stress on the structure and Raman spectra of calcite from first-principles calculations
Lei Liu, Chaojia Lv, Chunqiang Zhuang, Li Yi, Hong Liu, and Jianguo Du
Item #AM-16-85558
Supplemental Figure and Table zipped

Fluid inclusion examination of the transition from magmatic to hydrothermal conditions in pegmatites from San Diego County, California
Elizabeth M. Gammel and Peter I. Nabelek
Item #AM-16-85559
Supplemental Data Tables zipped

Nanoscale gold clusters in arsenopyrite controlled by growth rate not concentration: Evidence from atom probe microscopy
Denis Fougerouse, Steven M. Reddy, David W. Saxey, William D.A. Rickard, Arie van Riessen, and Steven Micklethwaite
Item #AM-16-85781
Supplemental Figures zipped