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Volume 87: Geological Melts

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Volume 87: Geological Melts
Daniel R. Neuville, Grant S. Henderson and Donald B. Dingwell, editors

2022, i-xix + 1088 pages. ISBN 978-1-946850-08-9


The initiative for the development of this volume arose from preliminary discussions between the editors that it had been 25 years, and a whole generation, since RIMG had dedicated a special issue to the topic of silicate melts and their many roles in materials and geological sciences. Back in 1995 silicate melts were being rediscovered as a vital component of the earth sciences in the wake of an increasing awareness of their structural complexity, the development of new experimental techniques and their application to the determination of structure and properties of these melts, as well as, the partially unexpected results of such studies. A further overriding theme was the emerging consensus of the concept of the glass transition as a key to the interpretation and extrapolation of structure and property determinations and as a fundamental physical transition governing many phenomena in petrology and volcanology.

The result of that confluence of interests and ambitions has been a remarkable quarter century of opportunities for the study of the molten state in both materials and geological sciences and involving national programs and international collaborations on an unprecedented scale. Collected in this volume are a compact set of chapters covering fundamental aspects of the nature of silicate melts and the implications for the systems in which they participate, both technological and natural. The contents of this volume may perhaps best be summarized as structure – properties – dynamics. The volume contains syntheses of short and medium range order, structure-property relationships, and computation-based simulations of melt structure. It continues with analyses of the properties (mechanical, diffusive, thermochemical, redox, nucleation, rheological) of melts. The dynamic behavior of melts in magmatic and volcanic systems, is then treated in the context of their behavior in magma mixing, strain localization, frictional melting, magmatic fragmentation, and hot sintering. Finally, the non-magmatic, extraterrestrial and prehistoric roles of melt and glass are presented in their respective contexts.

This volume is the cumulative effort of many people whom we gratefully thank, especially the authors of the chapters for their contributions and patience, and the reviewers for their comments and suggestions. We thank Ian Swainson and Rachel Russell for all their work.

Finally, we hope graduate students and researchers new to the field will find the volume helpful as a starting point to these fascinating areas of such great importance for understanding the workings of the Earth System and realms beyond.

Daniel R. Neuville, Paris
Grant S. Henderson, Toronto
Donald B. Dingwell, Munich

Contents of Volume 87: Geological Melts

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Table of Contents
p. vi-xix

Chapter 1. The Short-Range Order (SRO) and Structure
by G.S. Henderson and J.F. Stebbins, p.1-54

Chapter 2. From Short to Medium Range Order in Glasses and Melts by Diffraction and Raman Spectroscopy
by J.W.E. Drewitt, L. Hennet and D. R. Neuville, p. 55-104

Chapter 3. Link between Medium and Long-range Order and Macroscopic Properties of Silicate Glasses and Melts
by D.R. Neuville and C. Le Losq, p. 105-162

Chapter 4. Topology and Rigidity of Silicate Melts and Glasses
by M. Micoulaut and M. Bauchy, p. 163-192

Chapter 5. Molecular Simulations of Oxide and Silicate Melts and Glasses
by S. Jahn, p. 193-228

Chapter 6. Mechanical Properties of Oxide Glasses
by B. P. Rodrigues, T. To, M. M. Smedskjaer, and L. Wondraczek, p. 229-282

Chapter 7. Diffusion in Melts and Magmas
by Y. Zhang and T. Gan. P. 283-338

Chapter 8. Silicate Melt Thermochemistry and the Redox State of Magmas
by R. Moretti and G. Ottonello, p. 339-404

Chapter 9. Nucleation, Growth, and Crystallization in Oxide Glass-former. A Current Perspective
by M. Montazerian and E.D. Zanotto, p. 405-430

Chapter 10. Thermodynamics of Multi-component Gas-Melt Equilibrium in Magmas: Theory, Models, and Applications
by P. Papale, R. Moretti and A. Paonita, p. 431-556

Chapter 11. High Pressure Melts
by T. Sakamaki and E. Ohtani, p. 557-574

Chapter 12. Volatile-bearing Partial Melts in the Lithospheric and Sub-Lithospheric Mantle on Earth and Other Rocky Planets
by R. Dasgupta, P. Chowdhury, J. Eguchi, C. Sun and S. Saha, p. 575-606

Chapter 13. Decrypting Magma Mixing in Igneous Systems
by D. Morgavi, M. Laumonier, M. Petrelli, and D. B. Dingwell, p. 607-638

Chapter 14. Magma/Suspension Rheology
by S. Kolzenburg, M. O. Chevrel, and D. B. Dingwell, p. 639-720

Chapter 15. Strain Localization in Magmas
by Y. Lavallée and J. E. Kendrick, p. 721-766

Chapter 16. Magma Fragmentation
by B. Scheu and D. B. Dingwell, p. 767-800

Chapter 17. Hot Sintering of Melts, Glasses and Magmas
by F. B. Wadsworth, J. Vasseur, E.W. Llewellin and D. B. Dingwell, p. 801-840

Chapter 18. Models for Viscosity of Geological Melts
by J.K. Russell, K. U. Hess and D. B. Dingwell, p. 841-886

Chapter 19. Non-terrestrial Melts, Magmas and Glasses
by G. Libourel, P. Beck and J. A. Barrat, p. 887-918

Chapter 20. Frictional Melting in Magma and Lava
by J. E. Kendrick and Y. Lavallée, p. 919-964

Chapter 21. Non-Magmatic Glasses
by M. R. Cicconi, J.S. McCloy and D. R. Neuville, p. 965-1014

Chapter 22. Silicate Glasses and their Impact on Humanity
by R. E. Youngman, p. 1015-1038

Chapter 23. Glass as a State of Matter – The “newer” Glass Families from Organic, Metallic, Ionic to Non-Silicate Oxide and Non-oxide Glasses
by D. Möncke, B. Topper and A. G. Clare, p. 1039-1088

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