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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 109, no. 2   February 2024

Crystal chemistry and thermodynamic properties of zircon structure-type materials
Andrew C. Strzelecki, Xiaodong Zhao, Paul Estevenon, Hongwu Xu, Nicolas Dacheux, Rodney C. Ewing, and Xiaofeng Guo
Item #AM-24-28632
Online Material zipped

Thermal and combined high-temperature and high-pressure behavior of a natural intermediate scapolite
Paolo Lotti, G. Diego Gatta, Lara Gigli, Hannes Krüger, Volker Kahlenberg, Martin Meven, Davide Comboni, Sula Milani, Marco Merlini, and Hanns-Peter Liermann
Item #AM-24-28962
CIF and Online Material zipped

Crystal structure, hydrogen bonding, and high-pressure behavior of the hydroxide perovskite MgSi(OH)6: A phase relevant to deep subduction of hydrated oceanic crust
Mark D. Welch, Jens Najorka, and Bernd Wunder
Item #AM-24-28889
CIF and Online Material zipped

Equilibrium Sn isotope fractionation between aqueous Sn and Sn-bearing minerals: Constrained by first-principles calculations
Mingguang Sun, Ryan Mathur, Caihong Gao, Yanjing Chen, and Shunda Yuan
Item #AM-24-28804
Online Material zipped

Raman spectroscopic investigation of selected natural uranyl sulfate minerals
Tyler L. Spano, Travis A. Olds, Marshall McDonnell, Robert Smith, and Ashley E. Shields
Item #AM-24-28932
Online Material zipped

Modified magnetite and hydrothermal apatite in banded iron-formations and implications for high-grade Fe mineralization during retrogressive metamorphism
Kangxing Shi, Changming Wang, Leon Bagas, and Hongyu Duan
Item #AM-24-28525
Online Material zipped

Apatite trace element composition as an indicator of ore deposit types: A machine learning approach
Kun-Feng Qiu, Tong Zhou, David Chew, Zhao-Liang Hou, Axel Müller, Hao-Cheng Yu, Robert G. Lee, Huan Chen, and Jun Deng
Item #AM-24-28805
Online Material zipped

Identifying serpentine minerals by their chemical compositions with machine learning
Shichao Ji, Fang Huang, Shaoze Wang, Priyantan Gupta, William Seyfried Jr., Hejia Zhang, Xu Chu, Wentao Cao, and J ZhangZhou
Item #AM-24-28688
Online Material zipped

Crystal habit (tracht) of groundmass pyroxene crystals recorded magma ascent paths during the 2011 Shinmoedake eruption
Shota H. Okumura, Mayumi Mujin, Akira Tsuchiyama, and Akira Miyake
Item #AM-24-28765
Online Material zipped

Reconstructing diagenetic mineral reactions from silicified horizons of the Paleoproterozoic Biwabik Iron Formation, Minnesota
Samuel Duncanson, Latisha Brengman, Jena Johnson, Athena Eyster, John Fournelle, and Aurélien Moy
Item #AM-24-28776
Online Material zipped

Mannardite as the main vanadium-hosting mineral in black shale-hosted vanadium deposits, South China
Lifei Yang, Zenghua Li, Yongpeng Ouyang, Teng Deng, Youguo Deng, and Deru Xu
Item #AM-24-28903
Online Material zipped