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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 108, no. 5   May 2023

Eu speciation in apatite at 1 bar: An experimental study of valence-state partitioning by XANES, lattice strain, and Eu/Eu* in basaltic systems
Nicholas D. Tailby, Dustin Trail, E. Bruce Watson, Antonio Lanzirotti, Matthew Newville, and Yanling Wang
Item #AM-23-58388
Online Material zipped

The effect of composition on chlorine solubility and behavior in silicate melts
Richard W. Thomas and Bernard J. Wood
Item #AM-23-58450
Online Material zipped

High-temperature phase relations of hydrous aluminosilicates at 22 GPa in the AlOOH-AlSiO3OH system
Goru Takaichi, Masayuki Nishi, Youmo Zhou, Shinichi Machida, Ginga Kitahara, Akira Yoshiasa, and Tetsuo Irifune
Item #AM-23-58429
Online Material zipped

Crystallization of spinel from coexisting silicate and sulfide immiscible liquids: An equilibrium case with postcumulus reactions
Ya-Jing Mao, Stephen J. Barnes, Louise Schoneveld, Belinda Godel, Morgan Williams, Dongmei Tang, Zhen Kang, and Ke-Zhang Qin
Item #AM-23-58473
Online Material zipped

X-ray absorption spectroscopy study of Mn reference compounds for Mn speciation in terrestrial surface environments
Teresa Zahoransky, Anna V. Wegorzewski, Winnie Huong, and Christian Mikutta
Item #AM-23-58236
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Heterogeneous and retarded phase transformation of ferrihydrite on montmorillonite surface: The important role of surface interactions
Hongyan Wei, Jing Liu, Qingze Chen, Runliang Zhu, Lixia Yan, Yixuan Yang, Xiaoliang Liang, Jianxi Zhu, and Hongping He
Item #AM-23-58520
Online Material zipped

Atomic-scale characterization of the oxidation state of Ti in meteoritic hibonite: Implications for early solar system thermodynamics
Pierre-Marie Zanetta, Venkateswara Rao Manga, Yao-Jen Chang, Tarunika Ramprasad, Juliane Weber, John R. Beckett, and Thomas J. Zega
Item #AM-23-58311
Online Material zipped

Structural behavior of C2/m tremolite to 40 GPa: A highpressure single-crystal X-ray diffraction study
Jason N. Ott, Bora Kalkan, Martin Kunz, Genesis Berlanga, Ali F. Yuvali, and Quentin Williams
Item #AM-23-58278
CIF and Online Material zipped

Optimizing Raman spectral collection for quartz and zircon crystals for elastic thermobarometry
Mayara F. Cizina, T. Dylan Mikesell, and Matthew J. Kohn
Item #AM-23-58423
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Measuring H2O concentrations in olivine by secondary ion mass spectrometry: Challenges and paths forward
W. Henry Towbin, Terry Plank, Emily Klein, and Erik Hauri
Item #AM-23-58247
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Mn substitution and distribution in goethite and influences on its photocatalytic properties: A combined study using first-principles calculations and photocatalytic experiments
Xin Liu, Huan Liu, Meirong Zong, Meng Chen, Hongping He, Rucheng Wang, and Xiancai Lu
Item #AM-23-58182
Online Material zipped

Incorporating previously neglected excess oxygen associated with ferric iron in matrix corrections of microprobe data from cubic and rhombohedral Fe-Ti oxides
Michael A. Dungan, John J. Donovan, Andrew J. Locock, and Emma S. Bullock
Item #AM-23-58447
Online Material zipped

Recycled carbonates in the mantle sources of natural kamafugites: A zinc isotope perspective
Lei Ma, Sheng-Ao Liu, Zhidan Zhao, and Xue-Hui Yu
Item #AM-23-58382
Online Material zipped

Raman analysis of octocoral carbonate ion structural disorder along a natural depth gradient, Kona coast, Hawai‘i
Kyle Conner, Shiv Sharma, Ryohei Uchiyama, Kentaro Tanaka, Naoko Murakami-Sugihara, Kotaro Shirai, and Samuel Kahng
Item #AM-23-58406
Online Material zipped