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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 108, no. 4   April 2023

Mineralogy and geochemistry of hot spring deposits at Námafjall, Iceland: Analog for sulfate soils at Gusev crater, Mars
George L. Carson, Lindsay J. McHenry, Brian M. Hynek, Barry I. Cameron, and Chase T. Glenister
Item #AM-23-48364
Online Material zipped

Hydrogen occupation and hydrogen-induced volume expansion in Fe0.9Ni0.1Dx at high P-T conditions
Chikara Shito, Hiroyuki Kagi, Sho Kakizawa, Katsutoshi Aoki, Kazuki Komatsu, Riko Iizuka-Oku, Jun Abe, Hirioyuki Saitoh, Asami Sano-Furukawa, and Takanori Hattori
Item #AM-23-48348
Online Material zipped

Volumes and spin states of FeHx: Implication for the density and temperature of the Earth’s core
Hua Yang, Joshua M.R. Muir, and Feiwu Zhang
Item #AM-23-48237
Online Material zipped

Thermodynamic characterization of synthetic lead-arsenate apatites with different halogen substitutions
Bartosz Puzio, Lei Zhang, Jennifer E.S. Szymanowski, Peter C. Burns, and Maciej Manecki
Item #AM-23-47452
Online Material zipped

Structural changes in shocked tektite and their implications to impact-induced glass formation
Toshimori Sekine, Tsubasa Tobase, Youjun Zhang, Ginga Kitahara, Akira Yoshiasa, Tomoko Sato, Takamichi Kobayashi, and Akihisa Mori
Item #AM-23-48149
Online Material zipped

Characterization of vandenbrandeite: A potential alteration product of spent nuclear fuel
Victoria L. Frankland, Antoni E. Milodowski, Robert A. Lawrence, Marco Sacchi, and David Read
Item #AM-23-48272
CIF and Online Material zipped

The NaCl-CaCO3 and NaCl-MgCO3 systems at 6 GPa: Link between saline and carbonatitic diamond forming melts
Anton Shatskiy, Ivan V. Podborodnikov, Anastasia S. Fedoraeva, Anton V. Arefiev, Altyna Bekhtenova, and Konstantin D. Litasov
Item #AM-23-48403
Online Material zipped

Single-crystal elasticity of (Al,Fe)-bearing bridgmanite up to 82 GPa
Suyu Fu, Yanyao Zhang, Takuo Okuchi, and Jung-Fu Lin
Item #AM-23-48435
CIF and Online Material zipped

Single-crystal X-ray diffraction of fluorapatite to 61 GPa
Melinda J. Rucks, Gregory J. Finkelstein, Dongzhou Zhang, Przemyslaw K. Dera, and Thomas S. Duffy
Item #AM-23-48410
CIF and Online Material zipped

Gadolinium-dominant monazite and xenotime: Selective hydrothermal enrichment of middle REE during low-temperature alteration of uraninite, brannerite, and fluorapatite (the Zimná Voda REE-U-Au quartz vein, Western Carpathians, Slovakia)
Martin Ondrejka, Pavel Uher, Štefan Ferenc, Stanislava Milovská, Tomáš Mikuš, Alexandra Molnárová, Radek Škoda, Richard Kopáčik, and Peter Bačík
Item #AM-23-48418
Online Material zipped

Nucleation of Th-rich cerianite on halloysite surface in a regolith-hosted rare earth elements deposit in South China
Xiangjie Cui, Huan Liu, Xiancai Lu, Juan Li, Jiani Chen, Ting-Shan Chan, Xiandong Liu, and Rucheng Wang
Item #AM-23-48391
Online Material zipped