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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 105, no. 4   April 2020

Micro- and nano-size hydrogarnet clusters in calcium silicate garnet: Part II. Mineralogical, petrological, and geochemical aspects
Charles A. Geiger and George R. Rossman
Item #AM-20-47257
Supplemental Material zipped

Petrogenetic insights from chromite in ultramafic cumulates of the Xiarihamu intrusion, northern Tibet Plateau, China
Xie-Yan Song, Kai-Yuan Wang, Stephen J. Barnes, Jun-Nian Yi, Lie-Meng Chen, and Louise E. Schoneveld
Item #AM-20-47222
Supplemental Material zipped

Mg diffusion in forsterite from 1250–1600 °C
Michael C. Jollands, Irina Zhukova, Hugh St.C. O’Neill, and Jörg Hermann
Item #AM-20-47286
Supplemental Material zipped

Alteration of magmatic monazite in granitoids from the Ryoke belt (SW Japan): Processes and consequences
Etienne Skrzypek, Shuhei Sakata, and Dominik Sorger
Item #AM-20-47025
Supplemental Material zipped

Smamite, Ca2Sb(OH)4[H(AsO4)2]·6H2O, a new mineral and a possible sink for Sb during weathering of fahlore
Jakub Plášil, Anthony R. Kampf, Nicolas Meisser, Cédric Lheur, Thierry Brunsperger, and Radek Škoda
Item #AM-20-47133
Supplemental Material zipped

The new K, Pb-bearing uranyl-oxide mineral kroupaite: Crystal-chemical implications for the structures of uranyl-oxide hydroxy-hydrates
Jakub Plášil, Anthony R. Kampf, Travis A. Olds, Jiří Sejkora, Radek Škoda, Peter C. Burns, and Jiří Čejka
Item #AM-20-47311
Supplemental Material zipped