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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 102, no. 6   June 2017

Thermodynamic investigation of uranyl vanadate minerals: Implications for structural stability
Tyler L. Spano, Ewa A. Dzik, Melika Sharifironizi, Megan K. Dustin, Madison Turner, and Peter C. Burns
Item #AM-17-65894
Supplemental Material zipped

Uranium-bearing opals: Products of U-mobilization, diffusion, and transformation processes
Michael Schindler, Mostafa Fayek, Britanney Courchesne, Kurt Kyser, and Frank C. Hawthorne
Item #AM-17-65700
Supplemental Material zipped

Quantifying and correcting the effects of anisotropy in XANES measurements of chromium valence in olivine: Implications for a new olivine oxybarometer
Aaron S. Bell, Charles Shearer, Paul Burger, Minghua Ren, Matthew Newville, and Antonio Lanzirotti
Item #AM-17-65911
Table 2 zipped

High-resolution geochemistry of volcanic ash highlights complex magma dynamics during the Eyjafjallajökull 2010 eruption
Kathrin Laeger, Maurizio Petrelli, Daniele Andronico, Valeria Misiti, Piergiorgio Scarlato, Corrado Cimarelli, Jacopo Taddeucci, Elisabetta del Bello, and Diego Perugini
Item #AM-17-65860
Supplemental Material zipped

Evidence for post-depositional diffusional loss of hydrogen in quartz phenocryst fragments within ignimbrites
Tamás Biró, István János Kovács, Dávid Karátson, Roland Stalder, Edit Király, György Falus, Tamás Fancsik, and Judit K. Sándorné
Item #AM-17-65861
Supplemental Material zipped

Visible to near-infrared MSL/Mastcam multispectral imaging: Initial results from select high-interest science targets within Gale Crater, Mars
Danika F. Wellington, James F. Bell III, Jeffrey R. Johnson, Kjartan M. Kinch, Melissa S. Rice, Austin Godber, Bethany L. Ehlmann, Abigail A. Fraeman, Craig Hardgrove, and the MSL Science Team
Item #AM-17-65760
Supplemental Material zipped

Multi-stage formation of REE minerals in the Palabora Carbonatite Complex, South Africa
R. Johannes Giebel, Christoph D.K. Gauert, Michael A.W. Marks,Gelu Costin, and Gregor Markl
Item #AM-17-66004
Supplemental Material and Table 2 zipped

Spin orientation in solid solution hematite-ilmenite
Erik Brok, Cathrine Frandsen, Kim Lefmann, Suzanne McEnroe, Peter Robinson, Benjamin P. Burton, Thomas C. Hansen, and Richard Harrison
Item #AM-17-65792
CIF and Tables zipped

Constraints on aluminum and scandium substitution mechanisms in forsterite, periclase, and larnite: High-resolution NMR
Ryan J. McCarty and Jonathan F. Stebbins
Item #AM-17-65976
Supplemental Figures zipped

Field-based accounting of CO2 sequestration in ultramafic mine wastes using portable X-ray diffraction
Connor C. Turvey, Sasha Wilson, Jessica L. Hamilton, and Gordon Southam
Item #AM-17-65953
Supplemental Material zipped

NanoSIMS study of seismically deformed zircon: Evidence of Y, Yb, Ce, and P redistribution and resetting of radiogenic Pb
Elizaveta Kovaleva and Urs Klötzli
Item #AM-17-65975
Supplemental Tables zipped

Study on structure variations of incommensurately modulated labradorite feldspars with different cooling histories
Shiyun Jin and Huifang Xu
Item #AM-17-66003
CIF and Supplementary Material, including Supplementary, Tables S1–S4 zipped

Carbocernaite from Bear Lodge, Wyoming: Crystal chemistry, paragenesis, and rare-earth fractionation on a microscale
Anton R. Chakhmouradian, Mark A. Cooper, Ekaterina P. Reguir, and Meghan A. Moore
Item #AM-17-66046
CIF zipped

Magma mush chemistry at subduction zones, revealed by new melt major element inversion from calcic amphiboles
Jing Zhang, Madeleine C.S. Humphreys, George F. Cooper, Jon P. Davidson, and Colin G. Macpherson
Item #AM-17-65928
Tables 1 and 3, Supplemental Figure and Appendix Tables zipped