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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 102, no. 7   July 2017

Radon emanation coefficients of several minerals: How they vary with physical and mineralogical properties
Katherine Krupp, Mark Baskaran, and Sarah J. Brownlee
Item #AM-17-76017
TABLE 2 zipped

Cabvinite, Th2F7(OH)·3H2O, the first natural actinide halide
Paolo Orlandi, Cristian Biagioni, and Federica Zaccarini
Item #AM-17-76013
Supplementary Table S1 zipped

Cathodoluminescence images and trace element compositions of fluorapatite from the Hongge layered intrusion in SW China: A record of prolonged crystallization and overprinted fluid metasomatism
Chang-Ming Xing and Christina Yan Wang
Item #AM-17-76028
Supplemental Figures and Tables zipped

Secondary minerals associated with Lassen fumaroles and hot springs: Implications for martian hydrothermal deposits
Lindsay J. McHenry, George L. Carson, Darian T. Dixon, and Chistopher L. Vickery
Item #AM-17-75839
Supplemental Material zipped

Phillipsite and Al-tobermorite mineral cements produced through low-temperature water-rock reactions in Roman marine concrete
Marie D. Jackson, Sean R. Mulcahy, Heng Chen, Yao Li, Qinfei Li, Piergiulio Cappelletti, and Hans-Rudolf Wenk
Item #AM-17-75993
Supplemental Table S1 zipped

The origin of needle-like rutile inclusions in natural gem corundum: A combined EPMA, LA-ICP-MS, and nanoSIMS investigation
Aaron C. Palke and Christopher M. Breeding
Item #AM-17-75965
Table 1(a–c) and Supplemental Table 1(a–c) zipped

Dehydration studies of natrolites: Role of monovalent extra-framework cations and degree of hydration
Yongmoon Lee, Docheon Ahn, Thomas Vogt, and Yongjae Lee
Item #AM-17-75902
CIF and Supplemental Material zipped

Formation of basic lead phases during fire-setting and other natural and man-made processes
Maximilian F. Keim, Bernd Gassmann, and Gregor Markl
Item #AM-17-75931
Appendix files zipped

Experimental evidence for the survival of augite to transition zone depths, and implications for subduction zone dynamics
Jingui Xu, Dongzhou Zhang, Przemyslaw Dera, Bo Zhang, and Dawei Fan
Item #AM-17-75959
CIF and Tables 1–6. zipped

Hydrothermal alteration of monazite-(Ce) and chevkinite-(Ce) from the Sin Quyen Fe-Cu-LREE-Au deposit, northwestern Vietnam
Xiao-Chun Li and Mei-Fu Zhou
Item #AM-17-75970
Supplemental Material: Tables 2–5 zipped

Diagenetic F-rich ferroan calcite and zircon in the offshore Scotian Basin, eastern Canada: Significance for understanding thermal evolution of the basin
Georgia Pe-Piper, Christopher Sangster, and Yuanyuan Zhang
Item #AM-17-75957
Supplemental Tables and Appendix zipped

Addibischoffite, Ca2Al6Al6O20, a new calcium aluminate mineral from the Acfer 214 CH carbonaceous chondrite: A new refractory phase from the solar nebula
Chi Ma, Alexander N. Krot, and Kazuhide Nagashima
Item #AM-17-76032
Supplemental Table S1 zipped

17O NMR evidence of free ionic clusters Mn+...CO32– in silicate glasses: Precursors for carbonate-silicate liquids immiscibility
Yann Morizet, Pierre Florian, Michael Paris, and Fabrice Gaillard
Item #AM-17-76133
Supplemental Material zipped