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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 101, no. 11   November 2016

Nucleation rates of spherulites in natural rhyolitic lava
James E. Gardner, Kenneth S. Befus, James M. Watkins, and Travis Clow
Item #AM-16-115624
Supplemental Data zipped

Petrogenesis of antecryst-bearing arc basalts from the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt: Insights into along-arc variations in magma-mush ponding depths, H2O contents, and surface heat flux
Georg F. Zellmer, Mattia Pistone, Yoshiyuki Iizuka, Benjamin J. Andrews, Arturo Gómez-Tuena, Susanne M. Straub, and Elizabeth Cottrell
Item #AM-16-115701
Supplemental Figures and Tables zipped

Wayneburnhamite, Pb9Ca6(Si2O7)3(SiO4)3, an apatite polysome: The Mn-free analog of ganomalite from Crestmore, California
Anthony R. Kampf, Robert M. Housley, and George R. Rossman
Item #AM-16-115844
CIF zipped

U-Pb LA-ICP-MS dating of apatite in mafic rocks: Evidence for a major magmatic event at the Devonian-Carboniferous boundary in the Armorican Massif (France)
Anthony Pochon, Marc Poujol, Eric Gloaguen, Yannick Branquet, Florence Cagnard, Charles Gumiaux, and Denis Gapais
Item #AM-16-115736
Supplemental Tables zipped

Phosphate minerals in the H group of ordinary chondrites, and fluid activity recorded by apatite heterogeneity in the Zag H3-6 regolith breccia
Rhian H. Jones, Francis M. McCubbin, and Yunbin Guan
Item #AM-16-115728
Supplemental Material zipped

In situ elemental and isotopic analysis of fluorapatite from the Taocun magnetite-apatite deposit, Eastern China: Constraints on fluid metasomatism
Li-Ping Zeng, Xin-Fu Zhao, Xiao-Chun Li, Hao Hu, and Christopher McFarlane
Item #AM-16-115743
Supplemental Tables zipped

Solid solution along the synthetic LiAlSi2O6-LiFeSi2O6 (spodumene-ferri-spodumene) join: A general picture of solid solutions, bond lengths, lattice strains, steric effects, symmetries, and chemical compositions of Li clinopyroxenes
Gianluca Iezzi, Geoffrey D. Bromiley, Andrea Cavallo, Partha P. Das, Fotini Karavassili, Irene Margiolaki, Andrew A. Stewart, Mario Tribaudino, and Jonathan P. Wright
Item #AM-16-115784
CIF, Table 2 and 5, and Supplemental Figures 1 and 2 zipped

Raman characterization of synthetic magnesian calcites
Jonathan Perrin, Daniel Vielzeuf, Didier Laporte, Angèle Ricolleau, George R. Rossman, and Nicole Floquet
Item #AM-16-115714
Tables 1 and 3 and Supplemental Figures and Data zipped

Yangite, PbMnSi3O8·H2O, a new mineral species with double wollastonite silicate chains, from the Kombat mine, Namibia
Robert T. Downs, William W. Pinch, Richard M. Thompson, Stanley H. Evans, and Lauren Megaw
Item #AM-16-115682
CIF zipped

Influence of the octahedral cationic-site occupancies on the framework vibrations of Li-free tourmalines, with implications for estimating temperature and oxygen fugacity in host rocks
Anke Watenphul, Jochen Schlüter, Ferdinando Bosi, Henrik Skogby, Thomas Malcherek, and Boriana Mihailova
Item #AM-16-115820
Supplemental Figure and Table zipped