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Noted Papers

American Mineralogist      Vol. 100, no. 10   October 2015

Accuracy of timescales retrieved from diffusion modeling in olivine: A 3D perspective
Thomas Shea, Fidel Costa, Daniel Krimer and Julia Eve Hammer
Item #AM-15-105163
Supplemental Material and Figures zipped

Phosphoran olivine overgrowths: Implications for multiple impacts to the Main Group pallasite parent body
Neva A. Fowler-Gerace and Kimberly T. Tait
Item #AM-15-105344
Supplemental Material zipped

Oceanic lavas sampling the high-3He/4He mantle reservoir: Primitive, depleted, or re-enriched?
Gordana Garapić, Ananya Mallik, Rajdeep Dasgupta and Matthew G. Jackson
Item #AM-15-105154
Appendix and Supplemental Tables zipped

U-Th baddeleyite geochronology and its significance to date the emplacement of silica undersaturated magmas
Wan N. Wu, Axel K. Schmitt and Lucia Pappalardo
Item #AM-15-105274
Supplemental Table and Figures zipped

Polycrystallinity of green rust minerals and their synthetic analogs: Implications for particle formation and reactivity in complex systems
Carol A. Johnson, Mitsuhiro Murayama, Kirsten Küsel and Michael F. Hochella Jr.
Item #AM-15-105287
Supplemental Tables and Figures zipped

Age, petrochemistry, and origin of a REE-rich mineralization in the Longs Peak-St. Vrain batholith, near Jamestown, Colorado (U.S.A.)
Julien Allaz, Markus B. Raschke, Philip M. Persson and Charles R. Stern
Item #AM-15-105253
Supplemental Tables, Figure 4, and Supplemental material including analytical methods and figure zipped

New thermobarometers for martian igneous rocks, and some implications for secular cooling on Mars
Jerrod Lessel and Keith Putirka
Item #AM-15-104732
Electronic Appendix Files zipped

An updated calibration of the plagioclase-liquid hygrometer-thermometer applicable to basalts through rhyolites
Laura E. Waters and Rebecca A. Lange
Item #AM-15-105232
Appendices A–F and Matlab code zipped

Synthesis and structure of a stuffed derivative of α-quartz, Mg0.5AlSiO4
Hongwu Xu, Peter J. Heaney, Ping Yu and Huifang Xu
Item #AM-15-105303
CIF zipped

Equation of state and elasticity of the 3.65 Å phase: Implications for the X-discontinuity
Mainak Mookherjee, Sergio Speziale, Hauke Marquardt, Sandro Jahn, Bernd Wunder, Monika Koch-Müller and Hanns-Peter Liermann
Item #AM-15-105312
Supplemental Tables zipped

Ca-Zn solid solutions in C2/c pyroxenes: Synthesis, crystal structure, and implications for Zn geochemistry
Claudia Gori, Mario Tribaudino, Luciana Mantovani, Davide Delmonte, Francesco Mezzadri, Edmondo Gilioli and Gianluca Calestani
Item #AM-15-105243
CIF zipped

Aluminum environments in synthetic Ca-Tschermak clinopyroxene (CaAlAlSiO6) from Rietveld refinement, 27Al NMR, and first-principles calculations
Roberta L. Flemming, Victor V. Terskikh and Eric Ye
Item #AM-15-105348
CIF zipped

Trioctahedral Fe-rich micas: Relationships between magnetic behavior and crystal chemistry
Maria Franca Brigatti, Marco Affronte, Chiara Elmi, Daniele Malferrari and Angela Laurora
Item #AM-15-105145
CIF and Supplemental Material zipped

Volatiles in magmas related to the Campanian Ignimbrite eruption: Experiments vs. natural findings
Sara Fanara, Roman E. Botcharnikov, Danilo M. Palladino, Franziska Adams, Julia Buddensieck, Andreas Mulch and Harald Behrens
Item #AM-15-105033
Appendix Figures and Tables zipped

Synthesis of large wadsleyite single crystals by solid-state recrystallization
Takaaki Kawazoe, Johannes Buchen and Hauke Marquardt
Item #AM-15-105400
Tables 1 and 2 and Figures 2 and 4 zipped

Earth’s “missing” minerals
Robert M. Hazen, Grethe Hystad, Robert T. Downs, Joshua J. Golden, Alex J. Pires and Edward S. Grew
Item #AM-15-105417
Supplemental materials and figure zipped

Magnetite-rutile symplectite derived from ilmenite-hematite solid solution in the Xinjie Fe-Ti oxide-bearing, mafic-ultramafic layered intrusion (SW China)
Wei Tan, Christina Yan Wang, Hongping He, Changming Xing, Xiaoliang Liang and Huan Dong
Item #AM-15-105435
Map and data zipped